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Kitegirl Coach News by Annabelle Drumm

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About this Blog

Annabelle Drumm Law of Attraction Business coaches Sydney AustraliaHi, I’m Kitegirl, a Business and Life Coach using Law of Attraction in addition to my more regular Neuroscience-based accredited Coach training to help Clients move their lives, careers and business in a dramatic way.

This blog originally started out as a mish-mash of all things interesting to me and what I offer under the Kitegirl brand. I’ve moved the focus of it more specifically to Law of Attraction in money for now.

Here was the first post that started the new journey. You can follow my more general blog by subscribing to the monthly update on my Business website.

Marketers have told us for years that if we want to sell you something, we have to go through the long winded sob story of the problem we had, the point of pain that turned us towards a new direction and the success we had proving our theories and processes work.

I certainly have lots of theories and processes that have worked many times over for myself and for my coaching Clients. You can find all those on   What I wanted to do here was different, though.

Rather than waiting until I had a success story to boast about – when do you choose you’re at the right moment for that? – I wanted to start journalling my road to success instead. The ups and the downs.

Money has never been a priority for me. I’ve managed to float through life doing great jobs and projects following my heart but, I wondered if I was avoiding it on purpose.

Self development is fascinating to me. Not just my own journey but those of my Clients too. Coaching becomes a very intimate relationship where, with your Coach, you get to explore those dark and scary corners of your mind you hide from everyone in your regular daily life. I am always honoured when a Client puts that trust in me to help them through and the more they trust me, the bigger the result they get.

For myself, I’ve used many Coaches through my career. I know coaching works and can lead you into new areas of thinking that you could spend years trying to figure out on your own.

Money, I guess, is my dark and scary corner. The space I turn away from and convince myself is not important. I’ve used Law of Attraction to make my life better in so many other areas of life, it’s time I shone a torch into this corner to see if there’s anything there I need to clean up.

There’s bound to be some messy, smelly patches and so I offer them to you here in the hope it may help you to be brave enough to shine your torch there too.

About Kitegirl

Kitegirlcoach Annabelle Drumm Business and Life CoachKitegirl Coach is based in Sydney Australia working as a Business and Executive Coach with an international clientele of professionals working in creative industries.

She has come from a solid background in Television, Theatre, Fashion, Promotions and Corporate Events – both behind the scenes and out front. A professional Performer for 10 years, ran a Dance company for 6 years and a multi-national Artists’ booking agency for 15 years.

Her vast knowledge about the hindrances that can get in the way of a professional creative career is unique. Combining this knowledge with her people skills, generosity, sense of humour and wisdom makes her incomparable in the field of coaching.

Annabelle’s vision is to move as many people in the world as she can in self transformation. Learn how to access your own wisdom, let go of old psychological baggage and grow the courage to stand out as who you truly are so you can make the life and career that matches you perfectly. It is possible!

About Kitegirl Products and Services

Kitegirl, what do you offer?

Targeted to a deadline, I offer Executive and Business Coaching with the personal goal of giving you results that are bigger and deeper than you could ever achieve on your own.

As far as accountability goes I am expert at “lovingly kicking your ass” (quoting my Clients) so you can be assured of complete support as you take on challenges that expose your true potential.

My Clients don’t just want more profit, they want to feel inspired. I am passionate about helping them find what they value most then moulding their lives and careers to match those values. Work is never hard after that. It is only inspired.

Being creative is not just about making money. It’s about making a difference too. Work with me and I can help you build a legacy of which you can be proud.

I offer this service to both men and women. Rediscover your personal magic to ignite high productivity coupled with increased magnetic appeal. See the website for details.  More info on the main website here Check out the quick video tour on the homepage to learn more about how she coaches, what she charges, what you can expect and what she expects of you.

How to manage stressLearn online from Kitegirl all about reducing Stress in your life. This is a fully comprehensive course covering short term stress relief through to long term Stress Management that will make a massive difference in how you cope under pressure, sleep at night and relate to other people.
Join up today and start your classes.


iphone apps for singers dancers actors musiciansiPhone apps for creative people. Kitegirl has designed a Suite of iPhone apps for tracking jobs when you work on contract, freelance or are listed with agents. Group jobs by agency, venue or any other type, split payments with your band members and take out expenses to see what profit you made.
More info on the website here


Gifts for actors singers and musicianseBook for Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians and Entertainers. If you are a performing artist you’ll also get great value out of her book 40 Ways To Make Your Agent Love You. This has come from Annabelle’s experience as both a Performer and an Agent showing you what you need to do to become the first pick in your Agent’s books.


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Kitegirl Coach News by Annabelle Drumm


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