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A Leader of the Shift

October 2, 2014

Day 107

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. This “life’s purpose” which came before is already feeling not completely right. A superb question posed to me soon after was “Are you doing this because you are passionate about it or because you see a need?”

The immediate answer was that it was definitely a need. I saw straight away that if I started down that path and poured in all the work necessary to get it off the ground I would be burnt out very quickly because it’s not what I am passionate about.

There would be satisfaction in supporting those who need it helping them keep their chin above water, uncovering their true gifts and getting them into work that they loved. But, I would be watching them do work they were passionate about and would feel the loss of not doing the same for myself.

“Serve self before you serve others” as they say on the plane when pointing out your oxygen mask.

So in reviewing Volume one of “Conversations with God” yesterday – an awesome book I haven’t read for a while – a new idea came through which feels more in tune with my heart.

I knew my next role would be that of a leader of some sort. Maybe just the leader of a team, maybe bigger, who knows?

In this idea I draw people together like me who have progressed along the evolution line a bit and understand the power we can harness with our minds.

Apparently there isn’t anyone on the planet right now who could “fix” the world in a jiffy. But with a group of minds connected around the planet, all focussed on one outcome, we might be able to make a difference.

In fact we’d have to make some sort of impact. It would be impossible to ignore.

It would be pointless trying to stop war, natural disasters or viral outbreaks. These things we have generated ourselves and they need to happen in order for Humanity to have a change of heart.

We would focus on the things I’ve been learning are a part of the Shift of Consciousness. They are what we are heading towards anyway but the faster we get there the less war and natural disasters we will have to live through in the future.

Things like:

  • solidarity amongst our single Human species
  • equal rights and freedom for all
  • movements/policies/enterprise which benefit all involved so it’s not at anyone’s expense
  • appreciation of our species diversity
  • care for our animals, plants and environment
  • sustainable everything
  • forgiveness and letting go of old beliefs or baggage
  • no judgement
  • completely tuned to intuition
  • control of our reactions losing the ones that don’t benefit us like taking offence, being jealous etc.
  • appreciation of those who are not so far down the evolutionary track. No looking down noses.
  • full integration and relatedness with those around you so you don’t appear weird or labelled
  • openness to new possibilities that were previously thought impossible
  • connectedness with your neighbours, city dwellers and all around the planet
  • communities raising and looking out for children in joint responsibility

These things are already named as what an evolved society does for each other. Why not fast track the process if we can?

Two heads are immensely powerful compared to just one.
Imagine what we could achieve with a whole group of heads?

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