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Is True Love for Real?

September 21, 2014

Day 96

I watched the movie Winter’s Tale (2014) last night. It includes in the story a man – played by Colin Farrell – who falls completely in love with a consumptive young woman – played by Jessica Brown Findlay.

I always used to look at romantic movies like this and wonder, what it was like to be completely in love with someone and to be completely loved in return?

As I grew to adulthood it felt like every loving relationship was conditional. The love was never complete. What was missing?

The knowledge I have of Law of Attraction now shows me that each relationship reflected back to me my own heart. If I could not love myself completely then no one else could either. They would always find fault with me and, because like attracts like, I would always find fault with the partner who does not completely love himself.

So, I worked on my self development and got to love myself more. I set the intention to find love at first sight.

Of course you never know when this is going to happen and when it did I was not ready, not expecting it.

I was approaching the door of a train carriage as we were pulling into the station. I saw him there by the door. A man with stunning eyes looking at me. The man dropped me a compliment. I thanked him but could not look him in the face. He tried again to start the conversation and I couldn’t bring myself to lift my chin. I just thanked him again and kept staring away.

The doors opened at the station. I stepped out determined to stare off into the distance until the train had completely gone.

What the hell was I doing??

I went to my appointment like a stunned mullet, then roamed the city for over an hour wondering if I would happen upon him, wanting to see those eyes I’d only got a glance at. I knew I’d rejected something that had the potential to be big.

In the end, my intuition said “go back to the train station”. I asked “are we going home?” and the answer was “Yes”. I wouldn’t find him again today.

I’m not going to kick myself for years to come that that was “the one” and the only chance at love at first sight or to find complete, mutual love. If you believe that meeting was a one-off opportunity the Universe will comply and make sure you never get it again! So I’m keeping my options open. 🙂

I know how this works and expect the Universe will continue to give me opportunities, with unlimited patience, until I feel worthy enough to look that man in the eye and receive what I asked for.

When will that be? No idea.

It will be there at the perfect time though. I just know it.

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