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It’s time to change

September 20, 2014

Day 95

Loved this video I watched last on the latest from Kryon. I’ve taken the gist of it so you can read below in case you don’t have a spare half hour to listen to the whole thing. The video is translated throughout into German. A beautiful, sensitive interpreter – superb work. My transcript is not word for word but has what I found most useful to note down. Enjoy!

Here’s the video

and here’s my paraphrased transcript —

Kryon – 5 Revelations for New Energy

September 13, 2014 Hamburg, Germany

1) Change is the new normal.

This is so difficult for many. So many are waiting for things to return to what it was including healers and mediums in the room. Their bridge has disappeared where they used to cross to inter-dimensional places. It will never be the same. Understand this. Move forward and find the new energy in healing. Just what you’ve always been doing but tune to a more powerful way. It’s at a higher frequency. You’ve been waiting for the old frequency to return. It isn’t going to.

Look for the new one, it is yours.

There are so many light workers who are in this condition. Just when you’ve found that frequency you have a new job. This is a metaphor. You’re going to have to stay up with the new frequency shifts. Stay current. Step out of a box out onto a moving platform and you’ll have to keep up with it.

The good news is it won’t be that difficult because you have the new tools. Just get past the premise of new change. Use the new change where it is because tomorrow it will be different again. Expect it, love it, smile when it happens for this is the new energy. In order for it to be seen it must go faster than it’s ever gone before.

Clear your heart. Old souls know what this means.

2) Do not be shocked with what happens on the planet.

This is a shift. A grand one. The ancients have told you about it. We have told you about it. What did you expect? You expected something better than what is happening? Remember the previous channellings. We have said there will come a time when low energy will fight for it’s life. It amasses. It organises. It looks black to you. It hurts your heart and makes you sorrowful. What humans will do to humans. Some will say there is no difference to this than the barbarians of the past and you are right. It is showing itself to a gentle planet and it doesn’t have a chance.

There are clever ways to defund these things. Without money they will not exist.

I think you’re going to see more and more of that. A gentle way to disarm the darkness and you will win. Do not be shocked about what is coming next for it is not over. If the dark energies of the planet are to survive they must all join to gather now and try their best.

There will always be duality, disagreements. These are what you would expect but not what you’re seeing now. It will pass, you will see. The old soul is the one who carries the most weight of light on the planet.

If you fear, it it has won.

Can consciousness change the planet? Oh yes. If a million people got together and had compassionate thoughts would it change the planet? Oh yes. What does the dark energy do first? It shocks you and tries to interfere and then, they have won, for in fear there is no connection with God. Only survival.

Do not be afraid old soul. Stand tall in oneness, not in fear.

3) Good news!

In your personal lives many are going to receive some of the things you’ve been waiting for. We’ve given it a name. Unexpected benevolent change.

This is not for all of you for the time cycles of what you go through is unique and individual and the time is not right. Some of you are still going through the trials of recalibrations which may last the entire year. Everyone is different. Every one is loved. If you feel you are going through trial right now. I want you to know the angels are by your side crying every tear that you cry knowing who you are, what you’re going through and the shift that you are making. You will come out of the other side of this particular issue with more light than you ever thought you could have, with greater talents than you have now and a wisdom that is forever.

Many of you have gone through the shift, I want you to expect the unexpected. Unexpected benevolent change. Isn’t it time? We told you this is the new age where light workers hold the light. They don’t battle the dark. They move forward with the light. These are metaphors. Metaphors of the battle you are winning.

Do not despair when you look around. Unexpected benevolent change.

4) Your Box of Belief

We have said it many times. Human beings tend to climb into boxes of belief and the old soul is no exception. How do you think this should all work? How do you channel? How do you work the systems? Are there right and wrong ways to do things? Is energy sensitive to what you do? Are there certain things that you should not do? That’s a box and you’re in it. You may call it the esoteric box but you’re in it.

You’re going to have to have a tolerance like you’ve never had before to meet with other light workers like yourself who you think are doing it wrong. (Laughs).

Based on tradition. Based on what you’ve been told by others or what worked for you. Everything is changing. You’re going to have to drop the walls of the box. Can you really do that?

This is time when we are asking you to join with others all over the world, in all countries where they’ve all learned it differently than you. Drop the differences and join in love. This is the way you’re going to win. Separation creates enemies. Separation creates mistrust and you know that. The old soul knows that. The one who is the light worker illuminates what’s in front of them so they can clearly see others and their own steps.

Let the light that you carry be one of tolerance and not just of other people, especially other old souls and light workers.

Listen dear one there are light workers everywhere. There are light workers wearing the costumes of the church. There are light workers around the globe you never ever expect. They believe what you believe that God is inside. That peace on earth is possible and that there is a shift at hand.

Tolerance, not judgement.

5) Change how others see you

There is a new way of spreading the message of light on this planet. How have you been doing it so far? You might say “Well I’ve been working on myself. I read the books, communicate with my higher self. I open my pineal and I’m a healer, an author.” All of those are good but the big one, the one that’s going to change the planet is the one the masters all told you was coming and I said the same thing.

Its how others see you.

Do you carry mastery in your attitude or not? Do you love others as yourself? Are you too strange to be around? Listen to me. Esoteric people often are strange. They’re in their strange box. Everyone knows it. Their family knows it. Their neighbours know it and they walk along the street and others will see them coming in their strange box and they will cross the street to avoid them. Is that you?

Let me ask you, if it is, how are you helping the planet? You think people want to be like you? It is time to take assessment of who you are.

The planet’s going to change with old souls walking around with tolerance and love, not strangeness. Who are you? Were the masters of the planet in a strange box? Oh no. They walked around and everyone wanted to be with them. They could hardly wait to stand next to them.

Are you gracious? generous? Do you listen to others? I want you to think of these things. Old soul, you’ve been in training for this. This is the hardest thing you’re going to do. It starts with family. 

You didn’t want to hear that did you?

The hardest thing you gotta do is love the family. Those biological ones that are related to you. Some of you gave up on them a long time ago. You don’t even talk to them much. It’s time to change that. You don’t argue with them. Let them see the love of God within you that is shining your light. That is new.

There are so many esoteric people who have invested so much in their strange box. It’s going to be difficult to drop the walls but this is the work, light worker.

Go from this place differently than you came.

Let people know who you are by how you react, how you act with others, how you love one another.

There is no greater light on the planet and will attract people from everywhere.

From everywhere.

And so it is.

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