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Dream away

September 19, 2014

Day 94

Check out this lovely post by Channeller Brenda Hoffman giving us full permission to create something extraordinary.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of the everyday we spend all our energy running a tight schedule, trying not to forget stuff, stewing on how we could have done things differently. We spend hours on what might happen in the future, be it fantasising about something beneficial or freaking out about the worst case scenario.

I find now that if I head off on some long winded story of what could be, when I become conscious I’m doing it, I suddenly find myself exhausted. Then I remember to become present again, use my mindfulness, as some would say, and the energy comes back instantly.

So what if we could keep ourselves present for now and really stretch our dreaming minds? How big an extraordinary a life could you make? Remember, in the future, we are only limited by our imagination. So why not start reaching for the biggest you can right now? Set the intention and the Universe will start to move things in that direction for you.

How big could I dream? What sort of extraordinary things could I do?

Let’s start the vision …

  • To be able to heal myself and others to prime condition
  • To be able to understand and be understood in any language around this planet including its visitors
  • To be able to teleport time and space
  • To improve my psychic abilities so I can “see through the wolf’s eyelash” as the book Women who run with the Wolves talks about – that is to see all truths.
  • To be able to stop weapons working
  • To be able to draw in and converse with anyone I wish, be they alive or passed
  • To be able to have a full clear conversation with my Higher Self whenever I wish
  • To be able to dissipate (is that the right word?) and dance IN the music as it is created – like I’ve seen my late friend do – then come back to solid form
  • To be able to ask the one question that gives epiphany to those who need it which begins the biggest life change for them
  • To consciously be living and seeing the 6 dimensions we are able to attain in this epoch
  • To be able to change someone who is bent on the destruction of other humans to enlightenment (I understand their own free will is necessary for this)
  • To be leader of a team which makes a big difference in fast tracking this world to its new peaceful way of living.

Hm, that will do for now.

I’ve talked with a few people about the Life Purpose that came through last week. Still not completely sure of its shape but it does feel like I’m on the right track. Have been looking into structures needed and possible funding.

Sometimes the project mission feels crucial. Other times I wonder if it’s really that important.

How the world shapes itself in terms of allowing politicians and banks to continue in the old energy will set the scene. Australia is not known for being very revolutionary so there will probably need to be more hurt before anyone makes a move, in which case there will definitely be plenty of room for this project!

I’m sure the solid structure and next step will make itself known to me in good time. I am definitely approaching this very differently from previous projects, not feeling any need to work it all out by myself or do all the work. I know the instruction will come and the team leaders and funders will step up to the plate at the right time.

What a fun way to work!

Let’s see how it plays out.

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