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I’ve got it! The Life Purpose has arrived!

September 12, 2014

Day 87

Last three days I had a really sore throat for no apparent reason – Louise Hay’s theory shows this is resistance to great change so I’ve been intentionally keeping an open mind. It’s also a very good reason to shut my mouth, get some rest and let the ideas in.

I had two dreams in a row about giving up looking for “it” and just enjoying the journey so I did that too. Then, just as I was feeling like tossing it all in, Life’s Purpose arrives! This is it.

The solid shape of what it looks like is not completely clear yet but this is what I know so far. It’s a very big project and, if it turns you on, sounds like something you feel aligned to, call me up. Maybe we can work together. I’m going to need a team.

The Status Quo

Local government – and I would say governments in other countries too – have for too long seen their unemployed as a liability. A pain in the ass. Something you want to pay as little attention to as possible. Our own politicians are blatantly clear in the press about their opinion of “poor people”. Keep those lazy sods uncomfortable so they keep looking for work.

Many of the agencies – not all, but many – are funded by government to get them re-employed and they are underfunded as well. Their consultants are underpaid and undervalued so they have little incentive to give more than they get.

The result is that the unemployed person goes in to get guidance and is left still feeling like a liability. They are given the handout as if they are annoying, told what hoops they need to keep jumping through to stay on the benefit and are offered little in terms of psychological support. It’s humiliating.

The poverty mindset grows. The self worth dwindles. Lower self worth means you will be less successful in the job interview – if you can get one. The gap between feeling like you’re a useful part of the community and feeling like a liability gets wider. The government benefits are not enough to support basic living costs which can drive some to crime, addiction or whatever desperate measures they can bare.

I was in the central city earlier this week and have never seen so many beggars. What kind of a world are we fostering here?

My Big Idea

Our charities and employment agencies are doing the very best they can with the little they are offered in government support. What if our community could support it’s own? Our country has never had so many millionaires before in history. The money is still flowing. Let’s put it to use.

I am very much a believer in the “Weakest Link” factor. If you allow people to fall under your radar and be left feeling like a liability you will never have a strong chain nationwide nor globally. We will all be left continuing to fend for ourselves and everyone else be damned.

All for One but not a lot of One for All.

What if we could have a crowd or corporate funded organisation which mentors the unemployed who really want to work? Then ripple it out to convert long term unemployed into eager contributors?

The Gifted

These are the unemployed we will care for. As I see them, each person has the potential to make a massive and useful contribution to society. They each have the capacity to support themselves, their families and their community.

See them not as a liability. Help them find their true gift in life.. what they are best at doing.

Guide them towards high ethics, accountability and self responsibility. Grow their self worth. Get them into the work they most love or set them into a startup group with complimentary minds and a mentor to watch over them.

Support their true basic living costs which are currently falling through the gap in what is offered by government bodies and provide solid follow through to get them off and running.

The Donors

They may be corporate, individual or even families teaching their children to have a social conscience. Working like a World Vision child campaign, we offer packages covering a 6 month supply of basic living needs and mentoring for the Gifted.

Donors see full transparency in how the money is spent including our own administration costs. They also get an anonymous introduction to the family they are supporting and what results came from the 6 months support.

Being a Not for Profit organisation, the donations will be tax deductible.

Any excess funds left after a donor package is run can either go towards another Gifted family or be put towards something like a community food growing project.

It all sounds rather simple at the moment, yet the implications of how big a movement this could be or how broadly geographically we could help could take us to the limits of the planet.

Can you help?

What I’ll need for this project.

Main Team members, experts in: Accounting, Marketing and Publicity, Negotiating, Lobbying, Legal, Coaching and Mentoring, developers for the internet platforms, Recruiting, Suppliers, Sales Account managers for the Donors, other advisors who could help the Gifted.

Plenty of Volunteers as drivers, support and administration people.

An office for the Team Leaders to work in.

Foundation Donors to get us started.

What do you think?

Want to help? We will need all sorts!

Contact me if you want to be a part of this.

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