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War in the Middle East

September 8, 2014

Day 83

Personal update: Been quite motivated over the last week. Work progressing nicely. Sleeping shorter hours. Dreams are frequent and most are easy to interpret. Two more last night both with the themes of looking for something that’s no longer important to find, getting compliments and seeing the journey as the most magnificent thing to focus on rather than ignoring in it and focussing on the searching. Easy message!

No Mercredan session today – Francis and I didn’t feel there was anything new to ask. We figured we needed to keep working on what has already been given before the next lesson comes through.

The current work for us all is to discipline the mind to be in the present moment with no memories of the past and no judgement of the future. I’m finding that rather challenging. I don’t know if I am being less disciplined or if I’m simply becoming more aware of how undisciplined I am! Never mind. Keep working on it.

Came across this video of Kryon titled “Don’t Despair” dated 2 September 2014 so it’s not too old – about 30 minutes duration. Very emotional presentation and adding the slightly annoying music is enough to make you want to cry. It’s a great message though.

The only way the old energy of the world can keep you from evolving is to keep you in fear. The media messages the Islamic state have been feeding us of beheadings are certainly designed to keep us in fear and “adds ammunition to their cause”. It’s up to us to understand that and see through it. Video is below.

Quick quote from the video about the War in the Middle East:

Thousands of years of trained hatred is not going to fall over simply because you passed the Procession of the Equinoxes (December 2012). Cultures who have never gotten along and taught their children who the enemy was are not going to simply become gentle and loving toward those who were former enemies.

This may take generations of wisdom in order to finally settle but right now I want you to see what’s happening so you’ll understand.

Listen, in 3 dimensions when you have championship ball games, you go through a process of deciding who is the best team – do you not? And when they finally come together, they are the best of the best – are they not? And they come together in a final battle which will be difficult for both of them because they are fighting the ones who have trained the hardest.

Old soul, I want you to meet the new ones on the planet who want to destroy everything that is light – and you know who I’m talking about. Suddenly, they appear and they appear ugly. They appear with funding against all odds. They are strong. Don’t despair.

Because light is going to win. And those who’ll promote hatred, intolerance and no respect for life cannot survive on a planet that wants the opposite. And they won’t. But you’re going to have to watch it as it unfolds and you’re going to have to watch the championship.

Lightworker, it’s the worst thing you can imagine having the dark side emerge to the point where you have to see it on television. Where you have to envision it for yourself because you were empaths – all of you. And it makes you just want to quit.

I have been where you are because I live with you. I see the tears. I feel the emotion. “God, does this really have to be?” and the answer is “Yes.”

It has to be because you passed this marker and you cannot keep things the same. Decisions of light and dark have to be made finally on this planet. You cannot have marauding groups of murderers in the midst of those on the planet who all they want is light.

Have I said it strong enough? Don’t despair…

Here’s the whole video:

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