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Mercredan: Islamic State, Pyramids and how to Teleport

September 1, 2014

Day 76 – Amazing channelling session today with Mercredan I did via Master channeller Francis Evans in New Zealand. I started with the question of the purpose behind the emergence of the Islamic State and the question lead to all sorts of awesome learning including why the pyramids have no cap stone on the top and how to teleport! You can see by the end I was lost for words.

Feel free to share this around and ask questions in the comments section below if you have anything you’d like me to answer or to ask at the next channelling session.

Mercredan session

Channelled by Francis Evans, interviewed by Annabelle Drumm

1 September 2014, 11am

Topics: Islamic State, Pyramid construction, Teleporting, Media propaganda, speeding up time in order to change gears, individual big bang



M: Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. I want to begin reminding you that there is always an opportunity to tap into the inner frame of understanding and consciousness. And that was always the purpose of our exercises in Presence so that One puts aside the old perceptions of reality and opens up to inner expanding world that is being impressed upon physical reality. So it is then, that the Universal sequence – what is so often called the emanations from a single particle – manufactures an environment, a reflection and the populace that engages in it’s activity. So, then let us begin with your questions.

Islamic State and Separation

A: Thank you Mercredan. I wanted to talk about the affairs of the planet at the moment. In particular, the Islamic State that seems to have named itself and become something that is talked about more. I want to understand how that will help our change (shift of consciousness) in the world.

M: Important consideration is that from many sides it has been important, becomes important, to have, shall we call it, the focus of operation. Because you have had such a long conflict and it seems that there are so many disparate groups. How can One negotiate any form of settlement? So it is from within and from without. You understand, those that have been fighting for their own system of influence, their own identity, wanting to become a single unit and those on the outside wanting a single unit in which to negotiate and so on.

So it is from both sides then, the impression is a single identity and that then begins to draw all who are in alignment with such an ideal. And One has to recognise that, from that point of view, the Islamic idealism has felt under threat from external sources. That is, the Christianity and the Judaism and so forth. So it is with those ideas in place, that a unit of identity begins to take form and in so doing, attracts greater and greater numbers to it.

So you understand the external has created the very force that it so wanted to break up.

A: Mm, yes.

M: So One wanted to eliminate and now it has unified and in such a way then, that their battle for supremacy has taken on a very different framework.

A: Mm. So I guess it feels like it’s making each individual question inside “What do you stand for?” so that they will stand on one side or the other.

M: Let us say this. There have been many presentations of what it refers to and so on but, in the end, it is not some backward organisation. This organisation is filled with those with significant intelligence. So, it is not what you think. And while it is somewhat out of hand, it is attempting to bring balance to what has been a very unbalanced presence. In the end as I have said before, the part of the world has to be unified in its patterns and places that it has organised and ordered. So you cannot impress something from the outside as if it is a possibility. You understand. So, at that point then, the problems, the failings of the past are yet to be brought into balance. You understand? So it is one group fighting for its survival against a larger movement that will not truly ever be satisfied with the current states of Being. You understand?

A: The view that we seem to be getting on this side of the world is that their way of working seems to be “surrender or die”. “Join us or we will kill you.” There is no tolerance. There is no appreciation of diversity from what I see from this group. Is that correct? Is that accurate?

M: Is that not the way of all of your states? Because if you go against anything, if you disagree, what occurs? You are imprisoned. You are put into a different category. One is often eliminated as it were. What is different other than this particular group is doing so in front of your television cameras. What is different? Secret or in the public arena? Which would you prefer? You understand? It has been going on on all sides because there not a —- (boad? something like innocent?) side anywhere to be seen. Humanity is attempting then to consider the implications of action and all over your planet, what is occurring is the exposure for the truth.

A: Yes

M: Eventually of course, your planet will come to a stand still and humanity will have to take stock of its priorities.

A: Mm yes.

M: Of course like many of such (infections? inflections?), as it were, humanity has overcompensated. So you have such a large population during this transitionary period from separation to an understanding of unity with diversity that is always been the higher plan.

A: Mm mm

M: So those that are conscious of a higher order realise that at some point all such plans for domination are bound to find their demise.

A: Yes. So I wonder… I’m sure from your point of view they seem like very silly squabbling (laughs)  little tiny squabbling over territories and validation. Do we need something larger from the planet itself to get our priorities right?

M: Let us Humanity… Put it the other way. The planet is only a focal point for Humanity and the other commiserate sentient Beings to apply their preparations and their ideas upon. The reality is so reflective of the Universal point of view.


So often you find that the pressures and presentations of those in power do not quite reflect exactly what the underlying concerns indeed are. So, as Humanity removes itself from the control of propaganda and starts to see reality as it truly is, to report events in a more consistent presentation, One starts to see the undoing of old planetary patterns and, as a result, the increase of attempts to hold on to the Old Order. You understand?

A: So I’m assuming this will take some time. Quite a lot of time?

The altering speed of time

M: Let us say this. As we have pointed out, time is quite variable as such.

A: Yes

M: Speeding up of time is quite consistent with changes in such fundamental qualities. Once change has occurred, once you have reached a new level of stability, time will slow right down again.

A: Ah ok

M: You understand that in the patterns of consciousness, one is shifting gears as such, so a new approach, a new consciousness that is ordered and organised where, shall we say, One’s survival is taken care of as the new consistent level, such a social order will of course be highly regarded. Therefore time as such, will not be as rapid because Time is a measure of change. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Sort of. So time is speeding at the moment as we change gears. Then once we are stable it will slow down again. Mm

M: Of course. So let us say how that is. You understand in order to change gear you have to speed up and then when you put in the new gear you are at a lower speed.

A: Yes, I understand that.

M: The point is your social order, your technology and many other things have taken on a degree of change that is difficult to keep up with. And as I have pointed out, these are trials, technological trials for qualities and abilities that are inherent in the consciousness able to be tapped into and advanced by humankind.

Teleporting / Levitation

So it is then, as an example, that the human body can be elevated, that is can levitate, because it can dispel its own mass, its own weight. Therefore the framework or shape of the Being is simply a mental construction without physical data, physical form. Yet it can be perceived as such.

A: Yep

M: So a simple act of transference from one location to another, One can reconstitute mass and solidity out of local environmental materials. So it is possible to transfer Oneself from one location to another which at the present time requires such a thing an aeroplane…

A: (laughs)

M: or your cars or whatever. You understand. However, the point is that experience is focussed upon the point of departure and the point of arrival. Even though One is conscious, One is aware of what happens in between, it is not of any great interest.

A: So last time we talked about this, you said at that stage there were around 30,000 people who could do this. Has that changed since we last spoke?

M: Let us say there are many people who can do this but not consciously.

A: Right. How do we learn to do this consciously?

M: Once again, the key to all things is the recognition of One’s presence.

A: Right

M: First of all One is present to the moment. One is present in One’s location. That is at One’s departure point. Then One has to discover the location of the consciousness that is creating that location. You understand? One comes back out of being engaged in the presence of a single location into the presence that is causing the location. That is the creative point that emanates both the physical environment and the location of an individual source of awareness. Does that make sense?

A: Yes it does

M: One comes back to the point where One is created from. What we could say is the individual “big bang”. That is the bang that every moment is creating new perceptions. And so it is then, that at that point, that new locative centre, the heart of all things, the pathway of heart can locate itself in any environment. Can locate any location and locate it’s centre at that point. You understand what I mean? First of all, One has to be present. Then One has to withdraw from the location of Ones’ presence to the point of beginnings. Then One can recreate a new location and place Oneself as presence in that new location. And from that point, One can begin to activate.

A: Right

Creation of new opportunities

M: In this way, all things are created. All your opportunities that you draw to you as such, are simply the new creation in a similar location with different coordinates of interaction. In other words, other people, other events are connected in what you might call an alternate reality. You understand?

Pyramid structure / The point of creation

If you can picture this you might see what was attempted to be illustrated in your great pyramids. The point at the top is the point of creation. Recognise that it is not shown in solid reality but is what you call the missing capstone. You understand? So at the point of that location it does not quite formalise.

A: And why is that? Why does it not formalise there?

M: Because One is not in physical reality at that point.

A: I see.

M: When One has taken One’s present out of One’s physical reality to the point at which it arises the physical reality no longer is manifest.

A: Ah! So were they never built with a capstone?

M: Let us say that is the case.

A: I see

M: There are many possibilities, many ideas of all sorts of crystals and what have you. But in the end the reality was to demonstrate a point where things would begin to dis-create itself.

A: Mm, lose its mass.

M: So there is no mass, no dimensions, no physical coordinates. Your pyramids then, are a description of the coordinates of creation and that is why the angles are as they are. That is how such a form begins to take shape. It does not describe the finality of it all because that would simply show the unifying factors of all reality.

A: So they don’t put all the detail in… or is it that they don’t put the detail in because there’s no sort of fate, no determination to creation, that you can continue to co-create more beyond that.

M: Let us say this. Everything in the great pyramid was a description of the process of manifesting. That is how Consciousness, that is what you would call a spirit, consciously coming from the Void of all things, manifests into solidity and through this contains within it certain ‘homes’ as it were. Certain positions that are manifestly present in the Humanity of Consciousness. That is a spirit orb with physical parameters.

Heart intuition / DNA

So you have then what you would call the centre of your heart. That is how you sense what is being manufactured and how One perceives and manufactures that from a factory of manifestation. That is, where the idea, the mental perception, meets the sensate perspective and causes the physical molecules to orientate in a particular form. What you might call the code, in your case, but you know as the DNA and the RNA molecules reproducing and reorienting the positioning of one another. Such then, that you could say that Humanity as such, relates in much the same codified terms. Every code is a necessity for a component and a complete social organisation.

Islamic State

And that takes us back to your original question.

A: Yes

M: What is the order of what you might call Islam, the ideas held within that sequence of events is as necessary as every other order. So, there are orders and sub-orders, organs and bodies.

A: Mm. Thank you Mercredan. This has been very interesting today.

M: Enough so that you can consider how applicable this is in practical terms.

A: Yes

M: Then thank you once again for your time and your attention.

A: Thank you Mercredan.



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