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Preparing for new beginnings

August 27, 2014

Day 71

This week has been more energised than the last couple. I’ve been inspired to clean up old jobs that have needed doing for a long time. Old paperwork to sort out. Filing. Weeding the garden that has been ignored over Winter. Changed to a new design on my website which was built very easily compared to last time when I needed to hire some help.

Is it just Spring in the air? Who knows?

Apparently after a couple of quiet weeks the sun is back to zapping it’s solar flares at us. Perhaps that is what woke me up.

Appetite is pretty much back to normal. Sleeping through the night though wanting to crash early, like 9.30pm and then awake about 5am.

My mind is still very busy, as you may have noticed in the last blog post transcript. I guess I’m at the Consciously Incompetent stage. Can’t complain about that as it’s a step in the right direction and every time I turn to a more present state it moves me towards being present all the time.

I tried to imagine what that would be like. How much would we use our brains? What would conversation be like if we never discussed the past?

There’s the possibility that we might be gullible and the same person could fool us over and over, but then, fully tuned to our intuition we probably wouldn’t attract that person or fall for their trick/con the first time.

Would we need to speak much at all? Or would we just tune in to each other with telepathy?

Imagine how well a team would work if they were tuned that way? How awesome! Or a couple of lovers. You would understand their communication so much better and, with compassion, would see how they came to their point of view so there would be less disagreements and more appreciation of a different perspective.


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