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How to deeply connect with others

August 25, 2014

Day 69

Channelling session
Francis Evans channelling Mercredan, interviewed by Annabelle Drumm

25 August 2014, 11am

Prior to the session Francis and Annabelle had been talking about

  • your life being your own creation
  • being present
  • other people reflecting back aspects of yourself
  • attracting challenges in from which you can learn

Topics: lessons in Presence, helping someone by example, by experience or in Presence, Unity vs. separation, new coaching technique, beauty in the eye of the beholder, reflections, being unaware of what we are changing from – only what we are changing to.



M: Good morning. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Where to begin? Because, we have spoken so much about the necessary principles One uses to create reality and the secondary point of power where One is in the Present Moment. So then, the next step is to understand in, shall we call it, a palpable fashion, that there are no separations between Self and Other. One’s location in the present moment is at the centre of One’s personal experience. And every experience by every individual is a centre who’s influence sends patterns of expression that intercept, interact and cause the reality One experiences to emanate and to structure itself. In other words, the physical reality is the hologram of every individual intercepting in, shall we call it, co-ordinates of perception. Does that make sense?

A: Yes it does

M: So you create reality in cohort with others. One manufactures what one wishes to experience and gathers experience. What is information, what is what you would call your (day-litter? dailter?), and your interpretations upon that that you can use to restructure your world as it stands. So you are constantly within your own mirror of life. There is nothing that another is imposing. Only, shall we call it, an energetic pattern upon which to mirror self. Does that make sense to you?

A: Yes it does

M: And in doing so then, it opens up the avenues for question. Do you understand what I mean? Because as soon as you begin to understand something, you begin to make connections. That you begin to, shall we call it, “connect the dots” that leave behind a new framework of understanding. “How, then, might I develop self? How will I alter what I am experiencing?”
Because One senses as if it is the external reality that must become as One wills it, rather than the internal reality that One is shifting to align. Do you understand what I mean? If you change yourself, the external world changes it’s reflection.

A: Yes

M: So, often you are constantly embattled with attracting something from the outside rather than realigning the personality. Realigning the inside, making the changes to Self. Because, of course, the Self is the one thing that Humankind does not want interfered with.

A: (laughs) Yes.

M: You understand what I mean? You do not want anybody on the outside to poke you, to prod anything from you. You want the external to pump you up. To make you feel good about your stuck self.

A: (laughs)

M: And that is all very well because there is also enough reflections coming to you of what is really the essential beauty of Self. So you look at your world and outside you can see beauty as it is in the eye of the beholder.

A: Yes Yes

M: You understand? So you can go out in to your environment and you can look at anything and you will see yourself in it. You will see yourself in your lamp post as the stable, the strong, the upright. You understand? You will see the beauty of every post as it is in its individual form. Similar to all the others but, in the end, different as well. Do you follow what I am talking about?

A: I do. I have a question. If, in my job as a coach, I am looking at my client, the person I am helping, and I am reading into them what I see, am I really seeing them or am I seeing a reflection of myself?

M: Exactly! That is the question. The answer, of course, if you were to find that answer for yourself, will significantly alter your style. Because then you are not seeing where someone is faulted but you are seeing what it is in yourself that you can demonstrate. That is for some people you can see, shall we say, the footsteps in your own past where you have faltered yourself and you have found a way through. A development.

A: Yes

M: And that development will always hold one thing. That is that One has challenged One’s self …

A: and changed

M: and changed, of course. And then you can share that with the other. You can explain how it works in your own life. How it is sometimes that you have to be strict with yourself. You have to learn to be a disciple. That is to be disciplined. You understand what is self discipline. That is to keep Oneself within the boundaries of a new behaviour until it is consistent.

A: Yes

M: So then, One is remembering this. That whatever One does for Oneself, and alters the reflection of that, influences the other that has put their energy in the way of that reflection. You understand, there is no separation. Whatever One is working on, One has a reflection. One works upon One’s own self until the reflection, then the person who has provided the reflection also shifts.

A: Right. I am thinking Law of Attraction wise, where like attracts like, so you’re saying that rather than just attracting someone who is in the same state of development as me, that it is still possible for me to attract someone who is going through now what I have already learnt to resolve.

M: Of course!


M: Why else would they be attracted? Why else would they come unless they really believed that you have some experience. How can you possibly explore something that is outside of One’s reality? Do you understand? Let us say for example, trying to coach somebody from an entirely different social order. Let us say you are trying in your worldly events to coach somebody who is living inside of a war zone, how can you possibly affect anything?

A: Yes I understand that.

M: Because it is difficult unless, and this is the single difference here, unless you are sitting in Presence. If you are in Presence then you will ultimately be connected to the soul nature and from that point One can influence anything.

A: That’s the goal.

M: So you have to understand it is still at the centre of Being. And the centre of Being, as you perceive it, is inside yourself. The reality is the centre of Being that is inside of yourself is inside every sentient Being.

A: Yes, I understand that. And that’s why you can connect, isn’t it? So once you find that point then you are in the centre of every other as well.

M: Of course, and from that point you will notice something. There is no judgement about anything. Everything is in its perfect position. Everything is doing what it came to do, to draw out the movement, the alignment and the co-operation so that, individually, Human Beings become awakened to the sense of Unity. It is a Unity that recognises the individual spokes but does not make any one spoke more important than any other.

A: Mm, I understand that. Our dear friend (Channeller Francis Evans) and I have been speaking of the part that we have to play in the larger plan and we are both feeling a little impatient (laughs) to get started. Is it necessary for us to create more in that way or are we right to be waiting for instruction on it?

M: I want to say this. You understand as if you are waiting for something else and yet all that is required is to master Presence. To master the world of reflections. To be in it in totality. 

A: Mm. I feel I have been struggling with that a little bit over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been mindful of it but still finding the discipline is not there.

M: Exactly. You understand what I mean. Every moment of every day One is separating Self.

A: Mm, yes, I do get that. At least I can see it now, right? (laughs) It’s a start.

M: Of course and let us say waking up one moment at a time.

A: Mm

M: Remembering self. To remember to be awake is to suddenly remember that one is essential! That One’s reality holds itself in place as it is by being as you are. So while you talk of attracting those things that are like, the reality is you are attracting, of course, everything that you are. You understand. So even in all of that, the paradox is what you are bringing towards yourself, that seems as a reflection, is reversed.

That is what you see as a reflection is not the same as what is. It is paradoxical in its sense that it is bringing home the message of One’s inner self. So, you create your reality and when One stops focussing so much on creating what you think you want and, shall we say, starts energising and rising above what you have, then a new perception of reality begins to take shape.

A: Mm, and it happens so quickly when you make that change.

M: Of course. The difficulty for most Human Beings is that they are unaware of what they are changing to. They are changing from, yes, but what are you implying instead? So you could begin by asking yourself “What is it I am still reacting to? What is still left in my history that keeps bursting forth and challenging myself?”

A: Yes, our dear friend and I were talking about an example of that over the last couple of days where I was asked by somebody to do an exercise but I had no idea why I needed to do it and it got me rather angry. So I refused to do it (laughs) and I did something quite different. It was pointed out to me that I had failed to follow the most basic instructions. So clearly this is something that’s come through from the past.

M: Of course and also One so often needs to know ‘why’ from the other Source instead of sitting in Presence and asking a deeper question ‘why?’ Do you understand the difference of degree? You want to ask why did this person set this problem…

A: Well at the same time I was asking ‘Why was I reacting in such a strong way?’

M: and let us say the question is “Why am I setting myself this challenge?

A: Yes! Yes

M: And that is a deeper question. And “Why am I reacting this way?”

only sheds a little light on

“Why did I set this challenge in place? What am I working on that is next in my education?”

A: So I am wondering if it is… you have spoken to me of being a leader of a team, that maybe it is me learning to trust people without having to ask Why?

M: That would be a wise thing. Not that you simply accept and do whatever someone tells you, but that you immediately check on your state.

“Am I in the present? Am I building my Presence now that I have arrived at my core centre, at the heart of my Being, now what is it is this for? Why am I in this position?”

Now you have the core answer. Now you can proceed. You understand? You are not reacting or even responding. You are simply working for the divine. The servant of the divine.

A: Yes. That’s what I’m… what I’m aiming for. OK. So maybe if I try this exercise for myself now.

M: That is what I suggest.

A: (laughs) Just do it.

M: And once again, thank you for your time. And I want to say I think you will find some very key elements in our short discussion. Then, thank you and good morning.

A: Thank you so much Mercredan.




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