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Checking priorities

August 21, 2014

Day 65

A few more dreams from the last 3 nights to note down.

1) Ad Agency job

I got a job in an Advertising agency. It was not a normal job, different from what the others do. A new, special kind of job which was created for me. I was meant to start on Monday but, even though it was only Friday, I decided to go in anyway.

I had to ascend a long narrow corridor to get to the door. I realised as I was walking that I was wearing faded old jeans, sneakers and no makeup. I felt a bit doubtful about how they would judge me but, as I entered the agency, the receptionist didn’t bat an eyelid. She greeted me as one of the team as if nothing were amiss.

Dream Interpretation

The Ad agency: Not sure if this is actual in the future or just happened to be on my mind as I am currently doing work with Ad agencies.

Long corridor: Ascension? Moving up in the world? Or simply to do with our evolution?

Clothing: I guess this is similar to the dream where I ran into the house trying to close the curtains but everyone seeing me inside anyway. I am learning to accept my true self and I am getting confirmation that the people I will be working with will want to do so because of who I am, not what I look like.

It would be quite different for me to go to work without feeling the need to put in effort to present myself in a particular way.

 2) Missing the Tram

My son and I arrived at a tram station where I saw a table covered in things that I realised were mine. New things that I’d forgotten to pickup? claim?  I sat down at the table and started to pick up as much of it as I could.

I knew the tram had arrived. There was a bustle of people and many were eyeing what was on my table. I was distracted with picking up handbags (?) Soon I realised the tram doors had shut with my son inside, his hands on the glass calling me and looking surprised I hadn’t got on the tram.

Dream Interpretation

Similar message to before. Possessions are not the priority any more. I need to get clear on the priorities! Not sure if missing the tram had much in it. I wasn’t to upset about my son being on the tram. I already know he would just get off at the next stop and wait for me.

3) Watery journey

Both sons and I had to board a ship to cross a perilous piece of water. The waves were huge, like a massive storm brewing but the ship’s crew were nonplussed as if they deal with this crossing every day.

At one point I had to get on a vehicle to get from the land to the ship. It was like a flying fox but you sit on it like a motorcycle in tandem with a crew member on the front.

The guy was talking and laughing about how we all need to be responsible for ourselves. He was saying something about if people were more responsible there would be less (accidents/litigation/problems?)

As we started out across the dangerous water I realised on my lap were some of my son’s tiny toys and I struggled to get them into my pockets. At the same time my seat belt was undone. I was struggling to grab the toys and do up the seatbelt at the same time, unable to decide which should come first.

Dream Interpretation

Not sure about the perilous crossing. What are we all in for? There’s definitely a message of getting priorities right again between frivolous and life saving responsibilities.

Do you have any suggestions for how to interpret these dreams? Feel free to comment below.

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