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The Great Purge

August 14, 2014

Day 59

Two very clear dreams last night. Both relatively easy to interpret.

1) The Great Purge

I was doing something in the kitchen at the sink when some deep brown liquid started pouring into the sink from the plughole. I couldn’t wash it away. It wasn’t getting any worse so went to the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet I stood up to find the same brown liquid pouring up into the toilet from below. No human waste. It was filled with tree debris. Seeds, nuts, leaves, twigs and the brown colour was like water after it’s been soaking bark for a long time. No smell but a big mess that splashed me and out onto the floor. This annoyed me very much.

I went outside to find a lot of men doing a major road work outside installing huge, thick white pipes several feet in diameter, I guess as new sewerage lines. This gave me relief.

Dream Interpretation

To me this made me think of all the war and violence that is thrown up at us, entering our houses and physically affecting us, every day through the TV news. Currently that includes Israel vs. Palestine in Gaza, ISIL vs. Yazidis and anybody non ISIL in Syria, Iraq and other countries; and Russia vs Ukraine in Ukraine.

It’s hard to ignore – I know it’s upsetting a lot of people right now – but the tree debris made me feel what needs purging is old stuff that’s been around much longer than the current humans involved.

Generations old. Centuries old quarrels.

Not just that but, although there appears to be a mix of things in there, it all comes from the same source.

And, the good news is the new works are in progress! Spiritually clean new pipes are being laid that will process and clear all the old nasty stuff in a way we will no longer be affected by it in the future.

2) Removing the lines

I was given a race car to play with on a wide open field or tarmac. Rather than start speeding around straight away, I moved around the field slowly, reaching out the open door, peeling off miles of wide sticky tape, like clear duct tape, off the ground. It was aged, dirty, decaying and definitely ready to be removed.

This tape laid out the previous game. It structured the rules and limitations on how you can play on the field.
I came up to one area which had a capital T shape. The same shape you’d mark on a TV studio floor to give an Actor their starting spot. I decided to leave this but removed all the rest.

Dream Interpretation

The rules of the game of life are changing! Although we may have the same starting point, the old rules and limitations are no longer required. We will be more free in how we can play and work from here forward.

Does that mean I get a faster, more cool vehicle to play/work in from here forward? 🙂

How this translates into our 3D lives is not completely clear but both are definitely positive messages.

Mercredan has mentioned that change only comes from disruption. All the traumatic news you are seeing thrown out of the television into your house each night is for a reason. It’s the final stand and time for all old quarrels to be sorted out.

I don’t believe they will be resolved by annihilating one group of people. Yes, there will be lives lost but eventually agreement will be reached.

Join me in believing in the potential for this to be a reality in our near future. The impossible becomes possible when we have enough people believing.

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Here’s a Lilou MacĂ© interview with Australian Robert Young. Around the 12-13 minute mark he starts to speak of this world without rules and limitations that matches the last dream really well.

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