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Connecting with Animals

August 12, 2014

Day 57

The other day I heated some left overs for lunch. It was teriyaki chicken with rice and vegetables. I seemed to be particularly well tuned in that day because as I put the first piece of chicken in my mouth I felt incredible sadness.

Not sadness for the chicken but sadness FROM the chicken. Whoa! That is weird.

Maybe sadness it was about to die or maybe sadness about it’s whole pre-determined life. I couldn’t tell which but, it was so strong I had to spit it out. Rice and vegetables for lunch!

Many channellers, and even Mercredan several times, have talked about our connection with animals growing as we evolve. We will be more like Dr Doolittle understanding their thoughts and emotions.

Also that our appetite will shrink to at least half because we will receive our nutrition from the light via the Pineal Gland. A bit like this Indian Yogi who doesn’t eat.

Once we get to that true “Self Love” stage, I doubt we’ll be eating any junk food either.

I said to my son, if this sort of thing keeps happening as we evolve, I’m going to have to go vegetarian.

He answered with a “Nooooooooooo!”

I told him not to worry, I would continue serving the family meat for as long as they wanted it.

It was an obscure experience. I guess we’ll see if it pops up again…

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