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The Perfect Concert

August 11, 2014

Day 56

Interesting 24 hours. Woke up yesterday bloated out like a sausage. Had no breakfast, a small lunch and an apple about 4pm. That was all I felt like. Lots of lying around and slow walking like an old lady. I guess the insides just needed a break.

Since the money has been flowing better I’ve been buying loads of rubbish food and rich food for me and the boys that we weren’t able to afford before and I think I overloaded my organs. Poor things. Sorry, guys!

I was heading in to the Jonas Kaufmann concert to try and get a ticket but was worried if I didn’t eat anything I might faint while waiting in line and then would miss out on the concert altogether.

Just couldn’t eat anything so, stocked up on water and went in to the Opera House anyway.

There was no queue and I easily got a prime seat. Front row of a box. Must have been subscribers who cancelled because these tickets are rarely available. It was damn expensive – not very sensible I know – but felt like the right thing to do.

I ended up sitting next to a fascinating guy casually dressed, big muscles, beard and sneakers. He simply adored classical music and was very knowledgeable. It felt awesome sitting next to another person who involuntarily twitches, conducts, breathes into the dramatic bits and soars like I do to music that moves me.

Jonas was superb and the audience loved him. He started very concentrated and “accurate” but then softened into the emotion of the songs as the concert went along. Still didn’t look completely at ease when he was not singing – maybe something is going on there – but the concert and the orchestra was a huge success. There were 4 encores and standing ovations that went forever.

I know I didn’t get the discount or free ticket I’d hoped for but, as Law of Attraction frequently works, it will probably give me this for the next show. I know it’s on the way.

Was going to wait outside for an autograph but was feeling so awful by then, I figured I’d be better to just get home to bed.

The roller blind in my room is broken. The Handiman was asked to fix it in February but still hasn’t arrived. The blind is clipped to the frame bars of my window across the lower part so people on the street can’t see in. Only problem is the top part is fully exposed so all heat escapes on Winter nights leaving me sleeping with a dressing gown around my head.

Tonight was worth a broken blind though. I awoke to find my room was filled with light and as I raised myself up to see out above the blind I could see the most brilliant Super Moon the Astrologists had been talking about shining bold and full like a stage spotlight. So stunning!

I fell back to sleep very quickly with a smile on my face. What more could I have wanted today? Everything was exactly as it was meant to be.

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