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Raining money

August 8, 2014

Day 53

Two days till the biggest Super moon of the year. The “opening of the season”, astrologically speaking.

A chance within the next few weeks to find one’s life purpose and set off in that direction.

The focus on the present seems to come and go right now. Some times I am perfectly focussed and can only see the thing in front of me I am holding or the things I am passing while walking on the street as Mercredan taught me about “walking meditation”.

Other times I’m still scattered or caught up in old stories.

I need to remind myself there is no set past history. My memories of it are one perspective and not reliable. History can even change.

There is no judgement of the future. Now is the only moment I am living and is perfect in every sense.

“Perfect whole and complete” as Louise Hay would say.

This week I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in the sun then coming in and writing my script for my first Placebo training course. Feels good though it’s odd writing so little. When I wrote my book I was doing about 6,000 words a day. Now I might only do about 1,500.

Just been to the bank to deposit cash from a coaching client. This is the biggest amount of cash I’ve held for some years. How delightful!

Usually money gets EFT deposited into your account, then EFT paid back out again on your card at the shops, paying creditors or credit cards. It is very unusual to be paid in cash.

Last night I lay each boy on the bed and rained the money over them, then got them to do it to me. So much fun!

This was the only fantasy I could associate with money.

Usually when you fantasise about having lots of money you can only identify the material objects you attain or the experiences you can afford. But money is only one way they can come about so they are not specifically fantasies about money.

Raining money is the only thing I could match to only money. Just like what Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson did in Indecent Proposal. Such fun.

It’s now in the bank and I can make use of it. I won’t spend it and leave it out of my business accounts for I know all secrets will be revealed so cheating is completely out for me now. All dosh goes through the books.

Head feels a little heavy or slow today after a restless night.

No new business opportunities recognised this week. If only the appropriate opportunities are coming to me, as Mercredan says, then I guess I just have to trust it’s in the pipeline.

Am I to just do regular corporate training/coaching until my project becomes clear?

Who knows? I get the impression I need to just keep my attention on what comes up and see what emerges.

Same with my individual clients in the pipeline. Each will book and pay when their time is right and I will always be cared for throughout the journey.

I want to see Jonas Kaufmann this Sunday night at the opera house. It’s the first time he is visiting Australia. I’ve asked the Universe for a discounted or free ticket. Will head along there an hour early and see what is offered because I can see online it’s almost completely sold out. I’m really looking forward to it!


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