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Dream reading

August 6, 2014

Day 51

Such a busy night last night I’m surprised I got any sleep at all.

Many dreams over the past few weeks about locks on doors and gates. Some of them immovable and I have to ask for help from someone else. They break the lock so I can get through and then the gate is forever open. Others, like last night, is me running into my house (myself) trying to lock the doors and cover the windows but finding the locks don’t lock and as I pull curtains closed they disappear leaving a bare window with the light shining through.

I see this as unable to escape from parts of myself I am running from. If the doors are unlocked I must allow them in. No point fighting anymore.

What I am running from may vary. Other times I’m not running, I just don’t like where I am and want to get back to where I was before but, as I pick my way through fences, streets and properties to get out, I find I am in a totally different place anyway.

Makes sense when you think about our personal evolution. We want to be safe back in the old life but once we start to evolve and move forward there is no way back. As we learn to accept our new life we see we are much better off anyway.

What else happened last night for me?

A dream of having a threesome with a male/female couple of friends I know. Very real, detailed and hot! haha

Also waking in the dark to find all sorts of swirling energy around the back of my torso from butt to shoulders. Another upgrade perhaps? I am certainly feeling very calm and focussed today.

The previous days of confusion and a busy mind don’t seem to be a problem today.

I am clear on what I am to work on today and who I need to follow up. No stress. No worries or doubts.

Feels good!


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