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Evolving individuals and species

August 5, 2014

Day 50

Catching up on some articles from the Spirit Library today – haven’t found anything on there which grabbed my attention for a few weeks now but, I loved this post by channeller Celia Fenn.

I understand a bit about Christ Consciousness, changed DNA and the link between the heart and the higher chakras. Not so sure about Galactic Light Codes though. It’s hard to imagine such language outside the genre of Sci-Fi movies but it’s bound to come clearer eventually.

There is much within the article I can relate to. There are those words again of “letting go”, stepping into the void and trusting that whatever is meant to be will come. Releasing the need to work mentally and put more emphasis on feeling and intuition. That matches so much of what I’ve been going through with the OM and the Presence exercise.

Here are some tidbits from the article…

As you begin to work with Core Power, you will notice two things happening. Firstly you will be challenged on many levels, and secondly you will learn to let go and allow the power to flow and create solutions in your life.

Challenged indeed! Not just financially lately but on other levels too, leaving me feeling confused and finding it difficult to empty my mind.

Now, we will say too that the Core Power needs to be used in a balanced way. Indeed, as you will know, the Divine Feminine energy has been anchored on the Planet in a wonderful way in the past years, and it is important to allow the Divine Feminine energy aspect of the Core Power to be engaged. This means to allow the Flow of Life and to be closely connected to Love, Trust and Acceptance. Know when to simply allow the flow of life to bring to you the necessary opportunities and choices, but be ready to step forward and grasp those opportunities and make those choices at the right time. Be willing to see your life as a work of art in which you are consciously choosing the shapes, forms, colors and tones that will manifest as Beauty and Harmony.

This is something I am getting a little more used to.  For too long I sat waiting, wondering what I was meant to do next. I see now that every second is precious so we are better to make the most of each moment, keep moving and intuition will either move us to the next opportunity or will move others to bring it to us. It may be more difficult for that to happen if you’re just sitting still waiting for opportunity to knock on your door.

But also, be willing to engage with the Divine Masculine aspects of your Core Power, in responsibility and integrity and commitment. As you make your choices, be empowered to walk in personal integrity and responsibility, being impeccable and walking in the light of honesty and truth. This includes not blaming yourself or others for choices made, and simply allowing the flow of life as it manifests into form. In your Masculine energy you will know that each form that manifests is a part of the manifestation power of Core Energy, and has a part to play in the unfolding narrative of your Timeline or Time Spirals in your life.

Looking around the world right now you’d have to wonder why so many don’t appear to be using the Masculine aspects of responsibility and integrity in their dealing with other groups of people. They are quick to point the finger, quick to ridicule, quick to bomb, harass and kill, quick to take advantage of others for the benefit of themselves.

From an evolution point of view it all sounds rather immature. In the big picture though, as it says in that same paragraph, we have to let this violence, finger pointing, bombing and exposure of the facts play out in order to move forward as a species.

These things don’t just fade away. These politicians, business magnates and military men have spent their lives being “tough” and it wouldn’t make sense to them to just give up, put down their toys and hug each other.

As Mercredan says, change only comes from disruption.

You have access to Core Power and you are never alone. Always, there are Higher Energies and Angelic Forces that are on hand to assist you and guide you as you learn to engage your Core Power and to exist in the Earth Plane as a Human Angel and an Earthly Being of Light, Love and Power.

As you Remember Who You Are and focus on What your are Becoming, you will find it easier to move through this great period of Transition on your Planet, and to cope with the endings and changes that are a part of the releasing of the old and the coming of the New.

This will be especially intense in this period of the end of July and the beginning of August, as the new energies and frequencies of the next cycle are flooding onto the Planet.

I’ve spoken to many in the transition of change through my Coaching work where the first thing they have done is isolate themselves. Me too! It’s like the only way to change quickly and fluidly is to remove the influence of others who continue on in the old way of life.

Yet, just like Sting singing about the message in the bottle, as each of us isolates from the others, and more and more of us do it, you suddenly find “hundred million bottles washed up on the shore… seems I’m not alone and being alone. Hundred million castaways looking for a home.”

We draw together a new “family” and set of friends as we evolve. Not only that but as our intuition becomes stronger we realise how close we are to beings that are not physical and were with us all along.

We live on a planet where the one of the main rules is Free Will. They cannot step in and give us a hug or offer us more than we expect if we do not ask for it.

There’s lots more lovely advice and guidance in the article and near the end…

In the coming month of August, these energies will culminate at the Lion’s Gate on the 8/8, a powerful moment of integration and grounding of the new energies and light codes, and by 12th August your new direction for the upcoming cycle will be established, both on the personal level and on the Planetary level.

Woohoo! Is it possible my new direction will be clear so soon?

That’s only 3 days away so this week I am committed to

  1. keep moving
  2. keep open and present
  3. keep appreciating each moment, person, event and cat

Have a great week!

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