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Tuning in for the Messages

August 4, 2014

Day 49

Finding Psychic Ability

A cat which used to frequently visit us and sit with us disappeared. Her parents both worked full time so she would roam the neighbourhood on visiting duties but, during school holidays, would often spend the whole day on my oldest son’s bed keeping him company while he was on the computer.

When I saw the notice on a telegraph pole she was missing I tried to tune into her. Last time I did this was when a Facebook friend asked for information on the whereabouts of her friend’s missing husband.

At the time I gave it a go and was able to tune in immediately. I got the message he doesn’t want to be found. I questioned because it was so clear “Really?” and the answer came back “Yes. He doesn’t want to be found right now.” Then I got the view of feet walking along a footpath near the ocean.

Living on the East coast of Australia there are literally thousands of miles of ocean front. Being very much a beginner in psychic skills I tried to guess and thought it looked similar to a beach front up in the state of Queensland where I was on holiday once. I added this message to the Facebook post but figured it wasn’t offering much – a bit embarrassing really.

He’d disappeared around mid December and it wasn’t until after Christmas they found his body at the beach. It was apparently a suicide.

So even though the amount of info I was given was scant, it was in fact all that was needed and appropriate considering he literally didn’t want to be found until after Christmas.

Tuning in for this cat was different because I knew her and figured I would probably only get the message I wanted to hear. Imagination can be annoying when you are looking for the truth.

Walking down the back alley way from our street I heard in my head her meow like she was stuck somewhere. I couldn’t picture where that was though. Maybe somewhere big like a garage.

The next day I could only hear silence. That’s 6 days on from her disappearance. Hm.

I got a little teary eyed as I explained this to my younger son who had come looking for her in the alley way with me. He then drew in all his strength and explained in a very sombre voice.

“Well mum, she had done all she had to do here on the planet. She was there for us while we were struggling and now she knows she’s not needed because we are on the way up.”

Wow. Didn’t expect that. This is the same style of how I explained to him why our own cat got run over some years ago.

I don’t know the story with her owners as to what they needed from her but it’s possible he is right. Also, I love the fact that he sees us “on the way up”. You only have to get that confirmation of belief from one other person to multiply your own belief, don’t you think?

Yes! We are on our way up.


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