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A clearing in the fog

July 22, 2014

Day 37

I had a Mercredan session yesterday. There was more in the discussion about how we can improve our Presence exercise, learning to not only be in the present moment but to have presence with another person or audience. Very interesting stuff.

A part of the session mentioned how opportunities arise when you are in the present moment and the comment felt very much linked with my few new opportunities right now.

Here’s what Mercredan said…

M: I am suggesting first of all to take significant time to be present to yourself so that you clear up what ever is disturbing your ability to be in the moment, in the time and space, so that you can rise your vibration or, more specifically, release those concepts and ideas that drive you away from that state of blessedness.

A: Mm! I like that word.

M: Do you understand what I mean?

A: I do

M: You are blessed at all times and when One finds the blessings, when One finds that sense that One is blessed, then life unfolds without descensions.

A: And that is heaven, isn’t it?

M: That is, of course, the perfect place to operate from. Then One can seize opportunity and deliver upon it. One is then only exposed, shall we say, to the opportunity that One needs.

A: Yes I feel like that has been happening to me over the last week or so, anyway. Just the right opportunities coming in.

M: Of course and the point of opportunity is to respond in equal measure. That is to follow the opportunity without any outgoing concern. Because you often think that One should follow it with a certain degree of passion, but the passion in this case is attachments to it’s outcome rather than the trust that it is a step along the way however it works out.

A: Yes, I get that. So a certain amount of follow through but with detachment.

M: Exactly, but with a continuing sense of presence. One is not unattached in a sense and yet One is not attached to the outcome. Do you follow the difference? One is quite aligned. One is aligned with it understanding that it is how One unfolds but not attached to it being a certain way.

A: Yes yes. It’s lovely! It’s so much easier than trying hard. (laughs)

M: And, I want to say, so much more productive.

So the opportunities presented right now are not too many. Just enough in terms of personal and group coaching plus a couple of products which others will sell for me.

While I’ve been sitting here for some time wondering what this magical and mysterious “Project” is that I will be working on, I can see now that it may possibly have a lot to do with this idea of being present and that the opportunities offered right now, although they look fairly normal in a business sense, may be one of two things… or both.

1) Covering the bills till my project is underway

2) Bringing the project and the purpose into Being

Whether it’s one or both doesn’t really matter now. I can relax knowing these opportunities are the right ones and I will enjoy them every step along the way to the larger project.

I will be learning. I will be teaching. I will be growing and evolving with the experience.

A win win situation. Don’t we love those?  🙂

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