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Time is Precious

July 15, 2014

Day 30

Yesterday I did my second Presence session. I was better at it this time and fell into the no-brainer zone reasonably quickly with less thought interruptions during the exercise.

Being present with someone is a fascinating experience. When you meditate, you are aiming for that still, calm mind where you allow any thoughts that enter your head to pass through. It’s easy to cheat when you’re on your own but when someone is watching you, more discipline is required.

You know any thoughts that you cling on to immediately show on your face. When someone is watching you, you tend to deal with these thoughts more efficiently to avoid being caught. You are being kept accountable to a clear mind and this, for me, makes a far higher quality no-brainer meditation time, the result of which has a lasting effect on the rest of the day and through the next day.

It also has the added advantage of connection. The Power of Two is far greater than the Power of One. When both of you are present in the moment it’s like 2 squared rather than 1 squared, if you get what I mean. Like 4 times the power.

We both got different visions from this 10 minute exercise.

For me I got this kind of image in my mind. This image is showing light refraction through a magnifying glass.

law of attraction coaching online

My interpretation of the image was that, in doing this Presence exercise, the usual thoughts of the past and the future compressed down or faded away till all that’s left is that one focal point which is the Present. When the only thing you are conscious of is the Present, that one Focal point is where your energy is highly potent, bright, powerful. Intense enough to set a piece of paper on fire when you use a magnifying glass in the sun.

In Consciousness, having your focus on nothing but the Present moment draws in all your energy to one tiny potent pin prick of attention. A place where creativity can spark. A place where all answers can be found.

I realise the goal of living every moment in the Present feels like I have a way to go yet.

Even though I’m only able to do it sporadically while I’m consciously incompetent, I already see an instant result in how I am supported throughout the day. Things just seem to fall into place. There is zero stress. I can trust myself to remember to do the things that are in the calendar like make it to appointments on time and finish my daily To Do list which I was worried would slip my mind.

It makes for an odd conversation. If someone asks me now “How was your week?” or “What did you do this morning?” the smile disappears off my face and my eyes rove to the left picking back through the old stuff to try and remember what happened. This is quite an effort now whereas before I was proud of my superb memory.

How would it be when we all start focussing this way in the future?

Conversations would not be about the past, only about the present. So it would be more about observation or expressing ourselves rather than conclusions or reporting. No more bitching or gossip. No more stringing out the old memories which determine the future.

We would probably have a lot less to say and would simply enjoy each other’s presence as “Time is Precious” so every second you spend focussed on someone else is a gift. The Present becomes a Gift.


For my partner, he got the message that what we were doing was drawing “strings” down through the top of the head linking the head to the heart and building our Heart Neurology. Mercredan has spoken of our Human Evolvement which includes an upgrade to heart neurological capacity. Apparently this Presence exercise, simple though it is, fast tracks the upgrade.

Bring it on!

I’ve also noticed that now, when I turn away from the usual busy-ness in my head and come back to the Present moment that I feel dizzy. Like a warping is happening. Like when you warp a Wobble board and it makes that “whoop” sound a few times before it settles.

No explanation for this yet. I figure it will either settle down or I will just get used to it.

Phew! What a ride.


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