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A Responsive Environment

July 14, 2014

Day 29

I’m getting better at spending my time in the present moment. Had a fun day yesterday. I had to go to a bureau to photocopy and present my youngest son’s High School application.

The car has stopped once again so I was heading out for the bus.

Both to and from the trip I ended up being given a free bus ride – no lies or deceit, no hiding behind the seats.

Also when I got to the bureau, the exact folder I needed to present the application was in a 10 cent clearance bin so, photocopying and printing included, I spent something silly like $2.42 for the whole day.

All the way along people were stepping in front of me to check I was ok or if I needed help. They were offering tips and advice or organising what would make what I was wanting easier.

This, I assume is what Mercredan calls “a responsive environment”.

When you lose the memories – the past story about how hard life is for you and how limited the resources – then you lose the judgement about how much better things would be if they were different, and simply move through your day conscious of the present moment, then there is no resistance to what you want.

You don’t have to actively reach out or try hard, simply stay neutral and open.

It really makes me question vision boards, goals, missions and a million visualisation exercises we get offered everyday. Are these what hold us back if we use them incorrectly? Do they hold us back completely?

I think I’ve mentioned this before but is it more like orgasm where you can only get there if you let go and stop striving?

So! All good for now. And now is all that matters. 🙂

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