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Two Exercises for Clearing Your Mind

July 8, 2014

Day 23

Two exercises I’ve tried over the last couple of days which have made a massive difference to my state of mind and clarity. I’ve got to share them with you.

1) OM (Orgasmic Meditation)

Meditation is a way of calming the craziness of the mind in order for the good ideas to come through. It doesn’t always have to be done cross legged on the floor with your fingers all spiky. Achieving a calm, empty mind can be done walking, swimming, running, gardening, lying on the couch, playing an instrument … activities that are active or passive.

The OM practice has been set up by One Taste in the USA with a set of rules to keep it contained as something which can be done with a non-sexual partner. You can do it with either a male or female partner. There is a set amount of time with no “commerce” attached as to what is owed afterwards. The practice in itself benefits both parties in deeper ways than just physical. They can be life changing and have been known to help you lose weight, build self esteem and connection.

Here’s the original video I saw

Here’s a lecture by the instructor you see in the video

And here is the website where you can learn more

I tried this for the first time with a friend in the weekend. We were both pretty nervous but did ok. Not bad for a first try. We both learnt things about ourselves and how we interact which we talked about afterwards. Fascinating stuff! Will keep learning from this and see where it goes.

2) Having presence

As explained in the Mercredan session in the post after 1st July, having presence is not just about being present. It’s about doing it with no memories of the past and no judgement of the future.

I tried this on Skype with a friend who is not in my city. We decided to sit “in presence” to each other for 15 minutes.

A few thoughts passed through my brain which I was able to let go. By the end I felt very calm and loving, revering my partner and feeling like I knew him better.

The rest of the day was completely devoid of stress. The whole day just felt… easy.

This morning I woke early with lots of energy and feeling much clearer about what I was to do next to build my business.

What a relief! After fighting for the answers for so long, to have them just pop into my head was so effortless.

What if life could be like this all the time? You ask a question in your head “I wonder if…” and the answer just arrives instantly.

That is tuned in. That’s what happens when you empty your mind and allow the answers in rather than being logical and “trying” to figure them out.

Let’s see how long I can keep this up. 🙂

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