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A New Canvas

July 5, 2014

Day 20

I noticed towards the end of the day yesterday panic was setting in. This often flutters up when I notice what bills are on the shelf compared to what cash is in the till. I know I’ve been here before and things seem to always work out but, it’s not a pleasant feeling whenever it arises.

So I started a conversation with myself as I tend to do. The wiser, higher version of me comforting the little earthly version of myself.

The first thing that came to mind was the words from the last Mercredan session combined with what the Channeller himself gave me.

I am the master of my own creation.

Accept it as it is. Be in the present moment with no judgement.

Damn! That feels difficult to do in moments of panic.

My creation felt like a painting. For that’s all it is. It’s not reality. It’s not real. It’s simply the picture I’ve made for myself right now. I don’t have to live here forever.

My whining, earthly self said “I’ve been working on this painting for years now. I like some things about it but there are other things that are… (come on, Annabelle, no judgement) … just not the way I want them. Now I feel like I’ve run out of paint and I have no energy left to change what I’ve painted.”

My higher self kicks in with this insight.

“You are wrong, Annabelle. You have an unlimited supply of paints. Unlimited.

“Take a look at your painting. Appreciate how much work you’ve put into it. You really worked hard on it. It truly is a Masterpiece. An extraordinary amount of work.

“However, you are seeing that the more you paint now, the worse it gets. It’s overdone. So it’s time to recognise how many good skills you learnt in painting this one, then set it aside and start a new painting.

“There will be things you’ll paint onto the new canvas immediately because you liked them from the last painting.

“Here’s the awesome part though.

“No one is demanding you paint the rest the same way as the old one. You can start again.

“Remember, you have unlimited paints and your palette of colours and textures is vast.

“Use your imagination. Smile. This painting is going to flow so much easier when you let go of the last painting.

“Start right now.”

Hmm. Unlimited paints. It’s true.

That change of mindset dissolves the panic for a second even if I have to keep referring to it over and over.

I’m finding it does bring me back to the present moment.

With no memories, no judgement, I have presence.

What did he say?

The presence draws in that which is necessary out of the responsive environment. That means you will attract those that can bring what is needed.

Sounds good to me.

So… what painting can I paint today with my unlimited paints?

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