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Making a Composite of your Self

June 28, 2014

Day 13

Had a dream where I woke up early with a very clear message. Can’t remember much about the story of the dream, only that it was about working naked and felt great. I got the message immediately!

It was not like the video I did on working naked. That one was more about judging people by their clothes and grooming to decide whether or not they were trustworthy or capable of doing the job.

The message of this dream was about stripping away all that extra “stuff” we add to try and be somebody. By becoming our most pure and flowing Selves, everything starts to work. It matches beautifully with the last Mercredan session I shared with you.

Man, I love learning while I’m asleep. It’s got to be the best way to learn because you have no obstacles in your mind which make you filter and mis-interpret the message. I’ve had a few times where I’ve woken in the morning almost nodding. “Ohhhh, is that how it works!” and I have no idea what I’ve just learnt but it just feels good.  Haha. Apparently we all have the opportunity to go and learn from teachers beyond the planet while we are asleep. Just set your intention to do so and go to sleep with an open heart and mind. Even when you’re not conscious of the lesson you learnt, it will change and develop you over time.

So, based on Mercredan’s last session, I thought I’d do the exercise of looking back at myself from a non-entity’s perspective to “take stock” as he says of who this entity called Annabelle has been up till now. Find the pieces of her that will be useful to make a composite of the new Annabelle to carry forward.

I figured I would not do this as a strengths and weaknesses because by identifying weaknesses I am acknowledging they exist. By removing judgement about what’s “good” or “bad” and simply look at them as personality features I can get a clearer picture.

Let’s take stock…

What she likes

  • likes to finish things
  • like to get a high score, likes to do her best
  • likes to be nice
  • always looks for the optimistic viewpoint
  • learns from experience
  • good at growing
  • good at connecting and speaking
  • good communication skills
  • likes to express herself
  • likes to get lost in the moment
  • likes to interpret into her own words to understand better
  • likes to get to the point and move forward
  • enjoys finding alternate perspectives
  • appreciates loyalty and being loyal
  • likes to give encouragement, raise the vibe
  • likes to offer hope and a larger vision
  • finding feminine power
  • asks rather than assumes
  • uses her team to their maximum potential which they love
  • humble, can laugh at herself and her mistakes
  • playful, enjoys being a complete fool to relieve the pressure of the moment when needed
  • forgives herself and enjoys the moment

What she doesn’t like

  • paperwork
  • cleaning
  • details
  • following up
  • long discussions
  • selling, marketing
  • customer service and admin
  • finishing things that have lost her attention
  • feeling obliged
  • having things demanded of her – might offer the very same thing as a gift if it’s not demanded
  • loud noises
  • arrogance and show offs
  • uncomfortable clothes
  • falsity
  • secrets

Hmm. An interesting list for now. By leaving out the faults I see in myself I amplify these listed traits in their place. Not by pretending, but by intentionally making this more of what I become in the future.

I notice there was only one mention of leading a team in there. I guess that will become clearer as we go. I also notice there was no mention of material gain or success so I must be on the right track. As Mercredan says: Success emerges, it is not to be scurried after.

That will do for today. Let’s see where it leads…

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