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No Need To Strive

June 25, 2014

Day 9

A couple of quotes taken from Channeler Shanta Gabriel and her Gabriel’s letters

“The Light is so strong and its ability to morph and change is seemingly limitless. So when I am focused on the Light and allow it to be the force behind my creation, it becomes amazingly effortless.”

“It begins with letting go. When you know in your heart that all your needs will be abundantly met, you can release the part of you that wants acquisition. You will now be free to discover the true desires in your heart. True desires have qualities that are fulfilled when the desires have been manifested. If the desire is for money, there is a quality your heart seeks to have fulfilled — a sense of safety, an abundant lifestyle, or perhaps, simply freedom from worry.

Becoming aware of these qualities allows you to take action to gain these first, which will then allow the physical world to manifest in a form which is in your highest good. The first step after discovering the qualities you seek, is always to ask for what you want, making sure you clearly state the qualities you are seeking to have. The Angelic Dimensions stand ready to assist you in the process of gaining all you desire in your life. Clarity is key.”

And from another channeler Ann Albers from 3 days ago:

“When you pray, so many of you pray in desperation rather than in faith. If you truly knew God’s love for you, if you believed with all your heart that the power that made you wants to sustain and elevate you, then you would pray with confidence, trusting that your prayers would all be answered in the right time and in the most beautiful fashion.”

“Life was never meant to be a struggle. And yet humanity chooses to struggle with life. Embrace it instead. Say, “Here I am, right here, right now! Is there anything I know to do right this second that feels wonderful and supports my dreams? If so, do it. If not, enjoy the moment.” Trust life dear ones.”

They both fit in well with my Mercredan session yesterday so let’s explore this a bit.

Letting go

I let go of worry

I let go of striving and fighting for what I want

I let go of fighting against lack which only exists because I manifest it.

I let go of success.

I let go of validation.

I let go of being admired.

I let go of recognition.

I let go of the need to earn a certain amount of money.

I let go of the need to have an elevator pitch.

I let go of the need to do everything myself and be independent.

I let go of shame.

I let go of embarrassment.

I let go of the need to be accepted.

I let go of the need to achieve anything.


I am.

In my most natural state I am powerfully gifted. I have no need to prove myself.

I am.


As I let go the need to strive for something and the struggle to avoid other things, I relax into who I truly am.

I allow in all the great ideas, opportunities, events, luck, people… everything needed to take me forward into my new Self which has so much to give to the world.

Such a relief!

It flows effortlessly to me and through me.

I can trust that everything and everyone I need will arrive in the perfect time and order.


Feels good!

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