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Leadership and struggle against the old reality

June 24, 2014

Day 8

I got to work with Mercredan channelled by Francis Evans today and enclose the transcript below. Some great gems of advice in there.

In Summary:

  1. In order to become a new person with a different life, you need to lift yourself out of the detail, look back at the old identity and find the pieces you want to take forward making a composite version of yourself to fit the new identity.
  2. You don’t “struggle” against poverty, prejudice, competition or anything else. When you focus on struggling against it you assert it into your life and get more evidence of it. Turn away from struggling against anything and just focus on achieving what you want.
  3. Sometimes it’s better to stop rather than run around for the sake of feeling like you’re moving somewhere.
  4. Don’t assume your children come to the same conclusions as you.
  5. Success is an addiction. Success emerges. It cannot be scurried after.
  6. Finding your inner beauty and your naturalness is the way to allow in your true purpose in life.
  7. Trust that the your world is safe and you will be looked after.

Here’s the transcript


Mercredan Session

24 June 2014

Francis Evans with Annabelle Drumm


Francis and Annabelle were swapping ideas on how to lift yourself out of the old life in order to create a new one.

Both agreed that a common head cold – as Annabelle has right now – is about stopping to reflect for a while.

Annabelle is 8 days into creating a new abundant reality.

This is the first session Mercredan has used Annabelle’s name.


M: Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. So to begin with, the message is quite clear. That is STOP. Always the message has been get up and go and lift oneself and do and do and do and do. And nobody is saying first of all Stop. Stop everything. Stop all the thoughts. Stop all of the attachments and all of the addictions and all of the ideas about how and when and where and so on. So you want to change and one is not taking stock. That is having a perspective from which to view everything. So that is enough to begin a conversation and the point of such a conversation is to engage. You understand? Because until you are engaged how will it make any difference?

A: Mm. ok. So taking stock is where I need to be. Are you speaking of finding all the good things I have on my side already and what needs to be replenished?

M: I am simply saying taking stock is coming away from the situation that you find yourself in and adjusting your perspective so that you can take stock. You understand? Accounting one’s assets and one’s liabilities one remains where one is. But to take a stock take, that is, one has to step out to a different perspective, one has to view everything from an unidentified position. You understand? You are not looking at the Annabelle position. You are looking at Annabelle from outside of that position. You are looking at this identity and reviewing how it has traditionally kept it’s perspective. That is, you can look at, shall we say, your birth, your upbringing, your decisions along the way, your failings, your approvals and so on. You are taking stock as if you are collecting an idea about who this is and from that position you can begin to understand no other creation could have emerged. You understand? The creation that one finds oneself in is the result of what one is. That is how you move about inside of it. There is no separation then, between the identity and the situation, the circum-stance.

A: Yes, I understand that. So in order to get a different circumstance I need to look back over those decisions and who that identity has become in order to change to a new identity?

M: Not… you understand, because you are wanting to travel back in time and I am saying you have to look from a different perspective where you can appraise the entirety as a single unit so that you are shall we say, winding one’s company. Hm?

A: (laughs)

M: You are winding up that identity. You are packaging it up. Shall we say boxing it up and putting it in the archive. The new identity is a composite that one is making that will have a different sequence of conditions. You understand? So within that you are reviewing your birth and upbringing and so on and you are looking at how you will interpret events that will be useful within the composite one is actively about to present. You understand? So one day as your children come home from their school the new mother will not be the old one.

A: Yes

M: You understand? That might be a little disconcerting in the first place and yet from another position they will be asking why it took so long.

A: Why it took so long? (laughs)

M: You understand, these ones have a new degree of perception that is not as limited. Do you follow what I mean?

A: I absolutely follow, yes.

M: So let us then proceed to a conversation.

A: Our dear friend and I have been speaking about this possible new project that you and I have talked about before and that will come about. You have said that you will not feed my mind (ie – give away all the clues – its up to me to find it) and I appreciate that. I know that it must an idea that comes from us…

M: I want to say Willingness. You understand the difference between a willingness to comply. You understand? When you drop the identity just once to insist upon, to assert itself as if it was in fact meaningless without such assertion. You understand, that one doesn’t exist unless one asserts oneself in a certain way. Insists upon being in a certain way rather than the willingness to be guided. And guiding is settling in and attuning one’s inner sense to what is useful and real.

A: I wonder if you are talking about … several times before you have talked about me being there to lead and I wonder if the old identity was to be small.

M: The old identity wanted to be safe, or shall we say still wants to be safe, and because it wants to be safe it doesn’t want to risk being out of control. So you want to fixate, want to assert one’s identity, to become somebody. You understand? And when one asserts something, you create the reality of which that must be a part. In other words, someone who asserts something is trying to overcome something else. So the reality is that to which one must struggle against, what you assert yourself over. You understand?

A: Yes I do understand?

M: And the willingness is to let the reality guide.

A: This feeling of being out of control is something I’ve been thinking about recently where, in my own work, I use the analogy of me as a coach helping my clients to fly better and I am their feet on the ground. Then somebody said to me “well, when do you get to fly?” and I didn’t have an answer for that. I’ve not allowed myself to fly for a long time because I feel, if I do that and get out of control as you say, that things like my children will be ignored, neglected, left behind.

M: Exactly! And so you hold on and shall we say leave the children behind and neglect them. You understand? Because how else could it be when you holding on in a managerial fashion? How can they indeed learn to fly if you will not let them and will not let yourself? You understand? Because you live in a world that you have defined as unsafe and so it is.

A: Right

M: And so it is whatever it is you call upon. Whatever you are doing, so it is.

A: How can I make this world more safe?

M: The world does not need to be made more safe…

A: (Laughs) I just need to see it, don’t I.

M: The Universe is already simply the manifest reality of experience.

A: Yes

M: You understand, willingness is giving in to the natural course, the alignment with the unfolding nature of consciousness. Anything other than that is a restriction and a lack of trust.

A: Yes, I see.

M: You understand what I mean?

A: I do

M: So you think then that you have to prove yourself at the same level as everybody else and of course that is impossible because you have to fly first. You have to take your flying machine and your feet off the ground. You have to be able to truly see the ground that you have been fixed upon. You understand this?

A: I do

M: You say you are on the ground so someone else can fly but you would be better doing the flying so you can point out what you see on the ground.

A: Yes yes

M: But then who would be in control?

A: I guess the idea is to allow Source to control me

M: The willingness to set aside Self. This is what my dear friend has spent so much time learning. To set aside Self. The question still remains in the new paradigm is individual or group? You understand? Does an individual make everything happen themselves or is it when the group binds itself in union?

A: Will there be different people doing different things from here forward? That some individuals will fly and some groups will fly?

M: Let us say first of all find and consider what is your union. Where is your position? How is it that the group manifests much more simply than an individual? The alignment of a pathway. That is more energy, more focus and more certainty.

A: With a group.

M: Of course.

A: Yes

M: Then you do not have to be all things to all men – or women, of course.

A: Yes. (laughs). OK, thank you. I think um, that gives me plenty to think about. There seems to be people aligned with me that are starting to fall into place, even though I have nothing to offer them as something to lead them through just yet. But they feel like they’re just sitting there, waiting, ready for me to go whenever I’m ready.

M: Of course. You understand you are trying to be all things again! And what is it that you request? You understand? I have said you are the leader. I have not said that you have everything in place, that you have to let something in. You have to be … let us say this. The composer and the song writer have different jobs. Each one provides something. It is in the union that the finished article emerges. To expect the songwriter to be able to compose the music is just as absurd as the composer manifests the words. And yet, each of them adds input to the other.

A: Yes I agree. I guess this the taking stock part I need to look at as to what it is I have to offer the union.

M: I have already said. Leadership. Did I not say you are not like the Violin leader?

A: Yes, not the composer.

M: Not the composer and not the conductor. (see previous session) But the leader that helps all of the other instruments fulfil their role. It is such a great analogy.

A: Mm it is.

M: Why do you think you have spent your time with your orchestra?

A: To get to know what they play and how they play it.

M: And to show leadership in bringing them together.

A: Right

M: To showing them how it is possible that singles add to the group which adds to the fullness of the final music.

A: Yes

M: Some play the melody and some fill in the background. Is it the melody that is most important?

A: No because you need all the rest to make the melody look good. (laughs)

M: Of course. The background is the context of which it is being played. So why do you think you can be a soloist all by yourself?

A: Well I haven’t been able to achieve that anyway so I think it is about being able to value the rest of the harmony in the context to make the whole.

M: And as well as understanding the composer, understanding the music…

A: Yes, to interpret.

M: Of course and how one presents that is how one sells the concept.

A: Yes I get that.

M: There is so much to give and so much reward once you are ready to step into the limelight.

A: What does it take for that to happen?

M: Willingness and the willingness to drop one’s needs and assertions.

A: Mm ok.

M: You understand? How far into the gutter do you have to go?

A: I’ve gone far enough. I decided that last week. (laughs) Enough is enough. It’s time to move forward.

M: Then if that is the case, one will not get up and start imbibing the addiction for success. You understand? It is an addiction. Success emerges. It is not, shall we say, scurried after.

A: OK.

M: Is that useful?

A: It is very useful, thank you.

M: Then I want to add, because one does not want to look like all bad news, as such.

A: (Laughs)

M: That what you are missing on is your naturalness. Your naturalness is being, shall we say, covered up by the insistence. Find your naturalness. That inner beauty that you talk about. Not the outer beauty but the inner beauty. That is one’s true nature.

A: That has been questioned over the last couple of weeks.

M: Because you are asserting. Then cease asserting. There is no need to assert because you have the naturalness.

A: Right. I did ask – you know that – that I be able to use my most natural and powerful gifts in my career. Maybe I’m not very clear on what that naturalness is just yet.

M: Let us say as you find yourself triggered by struggle, you assert more and more rather than discovering the natural ability to connect.

A: OK thank you so much.

M: Then once again it is our deepest privilege. Thank you and good afternoon.

A: Thank you very much Mercredan.


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