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The Leather Throne

June 19, 2014

Day 4

The last two days have been fairly simply and predictably enthusiastic. Day 2 I was up at 6am and power walking around my neighbourhood. The winter chill in the air giving me smokey dragon breath as I ran through my positive affirmation for the morning in time with my steps “Money flows to me. Money flows to me. Money comes to me easily and frequently.”

Yep, felt good.

Both days I was very aware of watching for my thinking patterns. You can quickly gauge these on your emotions. When everything’s going fine in your mind your emotions are up/positive. When you fall into the limited thinking patterns your emotions drop down.

I was quick to pick up on these – surprised how often they dropped – and turn them around to something more positive.

Today I went into town early in the morning for a business meeting where the other party didn’t show up. Guess I should have confirmed that better! So I had some time to myself and headed for the most luxurious mall in town before the stores opened.

I window shopped around the designer stores for things I appreciated. I have to admit it’s been a while since I window shopped. I think I had previously got to the stage where fantasising about having stuff I couldn’t afford had worn thin and it was easier to not think about it at all. So simply appreciating beautiful work today made a nice change.

Then I found at one end of a short corridor a pair of beautiful brown leather wing back chairs turned slightly towards each other and looking out over a couple of levels of the mall.

Hmm, my throne for the morning!

I was already dressed well for the appointment so sat as a queen with my arms spread along the arms of the chair looking out over the world. I must have been here for about 90 minutes and others came and went using the second chair.

First a young Asian woman dressed up to the nines to eat about 3 bites of her breakfast, then a young white guy typing on his iPhone and finally a simply dressed Indian woman in her 50’s who wriggled back into the chair and fell asleep.

As I sat there I got into the thinking of being a multi-millionaire. What stages do I think I would go through if it was lumped on me all at once?

I’d used the lotto scenario before. I decided on the “Great Aunt Milly dying” scenario for today. Say I’m the only one to inherit the large fortune. There is no contest for it from others, it’s guaranteed mine. Although I don’t have it in my possession today, it’s on its way. Go.

I feel… bigger, secure, more confident in myself.

Relief I think will be one of the first things I go through. Once it arrives, it’s now easy to cover the bills, pay off the debt which really isn’t that big in comparison. I still have plenty left.

Then I’ll go and buy stuff, fix stuff, get my own house. OK.

Give back to friends and family who have been there for me.

Give a $100 tip to that beautiful little Asian girl doing the cleaning at this end of the corridor who was so polite to me.

I might do some travel and have some fun experiences with my boys. Now what?

I know I would have a very limited attention span for floating around the world accumulating things so what would be next?

As I explored these ideas further I became aware of a huge lifting of burden off my shoulders. Yes! This is the feeling I’m looking for. To tune in to this feeling as often as possible is going to be the most powerful Law of Attraction.

Like no longer struggling to keep my head above water, but actually sitting on a boat on top of the water, able to go many places I couldn’t go propelled by just my legs.

Who am I now? More social I think. Confident in standing in a group of people talking about my latest project without that horrible self judgment. If the project works, great. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just move on to something else. My kids will still be fed in the morning.

Exploring this confidence opened up other areas of life as well. I can see myself more physically confident. I’ve been blocked from challenging myself physically since I had children as a sort of self preservation. If I over do it physically and end up in bed a couple of days, food doesn’t go on the table. That pressure has been bigger in the old reality than I realised. So now I stretch out, get fitter, stronger, faster like my old days as a professional dancer.

I’m more sexually confident too. I’m sure there’s been a thing in my head about being financially independent before I take on a long term partner so I don’t get judged (read that judge myself) as a gold digger.

Hmm, lots of interesting insights have come from this session but the important trigger for me to remember is to picture myself, whenever I need, on my leather throne looking out of the world with that great feeling of accomplishment.

The Law of Attraction teacher Abraham Hicks says that from the initial desire forming in your head, 99% of the work is already done. Ask and it is given. The only 1% left to do is to watch out/act on the clues and not put anything in its way to prevent it from being delivered.

Good work today! I am heading in the right direction.

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