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Mercredan: Your aura

June 17, 2013

I’ve been doing interviews with Mercredan via Master Channeler Francis Evans from New Zealand for about 18 months now and in November last year we decided to start doing public broadcasts which you can view live as we record them on the YouTube Channel.

Here’s a sample of what they look like, plus a transcript supplied below by the wonderfully patient Susan Worth from Hawaii.

They take a bit of getting used to but once you get over the unusual speed and delivery you’ll find the words are as wise as you’ll ever hear.

In this episode Mercredan talks about how our perception of the world is reflected out into our Aura and changes the way we see the world compared with the next person. He also offers how we ourselves can change the world for the better.

A: This is Kitegirl, Annabelle Drum, here with Master Channeler Francis Evans who is bringing us Mercredan. This is our 21st episode, and we’ll see what he has to tell us today.

M: Good morning. Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

For many people, there is an interest in the psychic phenomenon. So much has been written and spoken about it, so I want to begin to understand the relationship between the individual and the wider cosmic forces, the wider framework within consciousness.

As always, I want to begin by making it clear that language as such is only metaphorical, and in no way determines, only that I refer to it as it is represented. So then shall we suggest that every body, every sentient being, has around it what might call an illuminous egg, a structure that appears on the surface as a shield of light. Within that, the being is made up of many (an unlimited) numbers of elements of light. And each filament is like a representation of each and every aspect of which that particular being has a connection with.

Because of [?], we have spoken many times about what is the nature of perfection, then certain bundles of filaments seem to be aligned and activated at any one time. A section then projects the filaments onto the surface of the luminosity that it is contained within – that is, the auric egg as it has been so many times called. Such alignment of perception causes filaments that align with the inner perception to light up on the outer framework, the cosmic wheel as such, and so the world appears in alignment with each section. Do you understand what I’m saying?

A: So you’re saying that the outer auric egg, when it is reflecting the perception, that that is why we see the world differently from the next person?

M: That is correct. Because the endless filaments set the perceptive field as a limited degree. Then one will find that one’s friends and one’s enemies as such operate out of the same sets of filaments, however sometimes in agreement with and sometimes in opposition to, but still the same filaments of perception. Do you understand why that might be?

In the new framework of consciousness, then, what is beginning to occur is a shift in perception. And it is not the change in perception, it is not the new perception that is important, but the ability to shift it. The new consciousness is not about a new fixed perception, but the ability to change perception at will, to make agreements for moments in time and then shift them when other elements appear. It then becomes more fluid – a human consciousness attains a fluidity that is not limited or fixed by its present location. And such an element is of great concern, so it is then that the new consciousness has a greater degree of empathy because it can realign itself with the beliefs and limits of other beings.

A: Okay. So is this where you.. You started the conversation about psychic awareness. Is that how we are all evolving to become more psychic and be able to pick up on other perspectives?

M: There are enough people alive who are developing that skill base, while they still do not understand how that comes to be — that the realignment is necessary in order to open up perceptive agreements. Let us say, for example, a psychic is given a photograph, a representation of a certain person. Even if they do not see the image as such, the image is impressed upon the piece of paper. Even if it is hidden inside an envelope, they will still perceive the image as such, and then by shifting their perceptions into the framework of that image, the person and the person’s life will emerge from out of the cosmic field of consciousness. So it is, then, under such filaments of – such enlighting filaments, that our history can be recreated as if it were hollow crack – like a hollow frame, one is projecting a certain light source through the representation until the actual item reproduces itself within what appears to be three dimensional form. Do you understand?

A: I do.

M: It is the source of light that is projected onto the image that causes that to occur. So it is then, the filaments of light that are activated on the inside of the auric container that produces its consistency in the external cosmic field and appears as representations on the surface of the aura. Do you understand how I am trying to paint such a picture?

A: Yes. I’m wondering how easy it would be for others to understand, but I think I follow you.

M: Because you suggest that I am saying that annihilation is part of the future of humanity. That is simply not what I am suggesting, because the future is dependent on which filaments are lit in the consciousness inside the cosmic egg. That is, within the auric egg and within the cosmic egg. So the filaments that are aligned, that are lit up, produce in the field outside events and circumstances that follow with such perceptions. Human beings then shift perceptions, and that is common in what you would call social evolution. While some things have not met with common science fiction, others are moving towards greater understanding and so the elements, the filaments of light, and the perceptions they bring evolve over time.

So then one remains stuck in one position, as certain beings have in fact not considered the evidence that arises. Of course as perception shifts, so does evidence for new methods of evaluation – that is as evidence appears, the old thoughts are retired, and new framework emerges. Because the filaments do not shift radically, that is a little at a time, it is an unnoticeable shift, and it does not give the evolutionary impetus for the shift in consciousness that has been attained. Do you understand? Small shifts as opposed to the ability to shift perceptive at will.

A: Right. So, you have said there areas where some are moving in a “good” direction…

M: Let us, say “satisfactory”. Because satisfactory is not implying it is good or not, I mean, that many people are satisfied by the benefits.

A: Right. So if we want to make more satisfactory results, people want to help – what can we do to make things more satisfying?

M: Let us say this. In order for a greater evolutionary shift, that is, an evolutionary shift as a quantum leap, there is no longer any information left at the old level of being. In order for that to occur, one has to practice shifting perceptions. And that might seem to be a difficult perspective. But let us say, for example, you take a particular event that occurs on your world stage. Let us say it is something that occurs in the working day. Just anything at all. Then one might shift one’s appreciation of that event and consider how it might appear to somebody of the opposite gender. Or how it would appear to someone who is an old person, or a child. One is then looking at it how it might appear as an alien force from some other planet. How it would appear from the position of the person who is undergoing the event, how it would appear to somebody whose political stance is opposite? Let us say, whether it is an outward capitalist, or an outward socialist, even a communist? You are engaging in looking at a single event through many facets.

A: Yes. And so by doing that, we end up understand the event rather than judging it.

M: Not only that, but you are lighting up different filaments within your own auric being, and as such you are stretching the limitations that one constantly is under pressure from. You are no longer being fixed. You are making yourself more fluid.

The point is that when you shift your viewpoint it is not to hold onto the emotional reality thinking, “Well, from this viewpoint, which is wrong of course…” Do you understand? It is taking on the viewpoint and making it the ONLY viewpoint, as if one is truly shifting attitudes and flexing and fluidizing the fixed position that humans seem to have been stuck with. The new consciousness has this ability and following that point then, many things become more obvious.

A: And you’re speaking of personal things, or more large news-worthy sorts of things?

M: It would not matter at all. Let us take for example, when one views your problem of violence and alcoholism, then put yourself in the position of somebody who cannot contain their rage, their outbursts, and see how it is for such a person to be occupying that perspective. Or from somebody who believes it is valid to kill other people, whether that is a soldier, or a terrorist, or simply a criminal in your local shop. Do you understand? All of those are perspectives, and of course everybody who carries out such an act understands it to be reasonable. If you cannot see its reasonableness, then you are fixed in a location that cannot truly begin to move another. Because if humanity is to evolve, it will bring them from their singularity of perception. In other words, when you see it as another person, you can truly begin to put ideas inside of consciousness that can lead somebody…

A: I’ve tried to put myself in the perspective of a murderer, for example, and I’ve had immediate feedback from people reading my blog, assuming that I think this person should not face the consequences and we should just understand them and let them go… of course that’s not what I mean.

M: That, of course, is not the point. It isn’t even to align itself with that person. It is only to learn to flex one’s position, to choose certain examples that will often bring negative responses, or you can do something else. The point isn’t whether one should [?] somebody who is beyond control, who can’t discipline themselves. The idea then is to learn self-discipline, the ability to discipline the mind so it is not fixed in a certain perspective, because from anybody who carries out such acts, they are always fixed in perspective.

A: So are you saying that part of the rehabilitation of such a person would be to help them to learn to shift out of that fixed perspective?

M: If that were a likelihood. I am suggesting that for most people, a fixation is very energized, very stuck. I am suggesting that society is made up of its members and as such, the more understanding, the sooner social orders begin to evaluate themselves.

A: That’s the benefit.

M: Of course. Consequence is something you can never escape. And over lifetimes, it isn’t as necessary to enact justice, in other words, the same degree of violence, because consequences cannot be avoided. In the longer frameworks, everybody arrives in the court of their own.

A: Yes, very wise words. It feels like it’s going to take an awfully long time, though, in order to help all those people. You can’t help people between lives, you can’t really help them…

M: The social evolution is the framework into which all beings find themselves connected. So the evolution of social necessities of what is most important occurs. Many things unfurl and a greater degree of understanding arises. And they require different filaments to produce alignment, and it is that which causes the shift in consciousness. So I am saying you think it will be a long time, but events and the consequences of those events make enormous changes possible.

A: So are we looking for some very dramatic event in order to make that happen?

M: Not necessarily. I do not want to feed such ideas. Maybe for some not a major …

A: Indeed; well, if your house burnt down would be a major event. This was an interesting lesson.

M: I think it is perhaps one that might open up questions that might follow into other topics. Once again, thank you for your time and your interest.

Feel free to comment below or ask questions you’d like us to discuss in future episodes.


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