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Time for a Psychological Spring clean

August 31, 2012

So, hands up everyone who’s been feeling crap lately?

I certainly have over the last 24 hours. What is that about?

I’ve just started a great course by Sarah Biermann. It’s called the Inter-dimensional Communications Program, or ICP. I haven’t previously been able to communicate on a regular basis with other dimensions but I get the impression all of us will be doing this in the future anyway. I just wanted to get a head start! haha

In the course she has told us about an analogy Heidi Fox and Fred J. Keyser came up with to help us understand how we grow and mature spiritually and emotionally. It’s called Splashing Out.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot about these two authors on line.
On Amazon there’s a few outrageously overpriced out-of-print books by Fred Keyser here.
And the two Authors have a book called “Making Love Safe” printed in 1999 here.
There’s a video of customer reviews without giving any show away of what they learnt here.

Anyway, Sarah explains the analogy as like looking at all your suppressed emotion, limiting beliefs, unhelpful thought patterns – basically all the baggage that holds you back – as being water in a vessel filled to the top.

Each time someone offers you their gratitude, love or a deeply felt compliment it’s like throwing a gem in the water. As the vessel is full to the top, some of your baggage (water) has to splash out. Another way to splash it out is to come to new insights which release the baggage and move you forward to a better way of living (a higher frequency). You might figure this out by yourself or you may get help via a Life Coach, a therapist or even just someone who says just the right thing at the right time.

When the bad stuff splashes out it’s not much fun. You suppressed all that emotion because you didn’t want to experience it. But when insight comes that, in fact, you are loveable, you are worthwhile, you are competent, then the opposite old beliefs that don’t match that insight have to be purged. This may come in the form of crying – like I was this morning for no apparent reason – physical sickness, anger or a burst of energy where you have to go for a long run.

Last time I felt like a cry I thought I would push it to the max, just to see what would come of it.

I shut the door to my room so I wouldn’t upset my children and cried hard, tissues at the ready and pen and paper in front of me.

There were tears, red eyes, snot… the works. Then I would calm, it would well up and I’d cry again. I did this maybe 4 or 5 times and suddenly very strong insight of something that was holding me back came clear. Wow! So very clear. Suddenly I could see a thought pattern I’d been holding myself in for several years was exposed with it’s pants down. Nothing hidden, no way to hide.

And, once I understood that, I was easily able to set a new belief to work on for a few days whenever that old bare-bum belief showed up again until it left town leaving me happier and more understanding of myself.

Cool huh?

So next time you’re feeling bad for the silliest little reason or no reason at all, don’t force yourself to put on a happy face. You’re much better to do the Psychological Spring Clean.

Excuse yourself from those who will become alarmed and let it all out in your own way. I used crying. I remember reading Louise Hay screamed into a pillow and beat that pillow to a pulp. Use whatever truly gets it off your chest providing it doesn’t physically harm you, anything or anyone else.

Go way over the top and don’t try to calm yourself down. Keep at it for a while until you’re exhausted and the insight will come. It will be like someone just turned the light on for you.

Like Heidi and Fred’s analogy says, each time you do that, you’ll be dropping a really big gem in your vessel and soon you’ll have a vessel of sparkly gems rather than water baggage.

Give it a try and feel free to share your experiences here.


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