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Dolores Cannon on Reincarnation, the Universal Consciousness and New World Order for December 2012

August 29, 2012

I watched an interview on the Soul Adventure YouTube channel a couple of days ago. Steve Crow was interviewing Author and Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon who’s written 17 books and travels regularly with her teaching.

It’s a long interview (I’ve included it below if you have a spare hour) but here is a summary of the Highlights with her quotes in italics:-

1) “The Conscious mind is the stupidest part of the human being”
What a fun way to put it. I agree, the best answers we can get are from the Unconscious mind. When we reduce our stress, become relaxed and focussed we can get access to all the best answers coming in from Source /God /Allah /Mother Nature /the Universal Mind… What ever you like to call it. These insights come through our intuition.

2) “You’re just a little tip of the iceberg of what you think you are”
This matches very much with the teachings of Abraham where our physical body is just the tiniest extension of our soul. It also correlates with an experience I had when I meditated on a girlfriend who had just passed away a few hours before in another country. It took me 30 minutes to get there but then, she appeared behind me. She was so big! I was level with the bridge of her nose and her eyes were too far apart for me to see in my peripheral vision. (I know it sounds odd but yes, you can see in any direction without your eyes once you are deep in meditation.) I could feel her smiling at me – it was fantastic.

3) “You’re not a body. That’s for sure. You have a body. You’re real You is a spirit, a soul, that has been around forever and will continue to be around forever. And, it’s constantly going from place to place to learn lessons.”
This makes sense too. You may have already figured out that your mind doesn’t go to sleep when your body does. So often you may wake and have the answers to the question you were focussing on as you went to sleep. Other times you will wake with a better understanding of something even though you can’t quite put your finger on what it was. Whether you remember or not, you are getting wiser every night! It’s a good reason to learning to sleep unhindered by sleeping drugs.

4) “The earth is a school and they say it’s the most difficult school in the whole Universe”

I can’t vouch for how it compares with other planets but Mercredan has previously described Earth as Kindergarten. You don’t automatically move up to Elementary school at a certain age. You stay in Kindergarten until you’ve learnt all you need. I had asked why we don’t have certain powers (what we call super powers in the movies) and he’s said it would be like allowing the Kindergarten children out on to the street. They would have more freedom but it would be at their peril if they weren’t mature enough to handle it. Think of Spiderman’s “With great power comes great responsibility.”

5) [On answering a question about ET’s getting life started on earth.] Extra-terrestrials were under instructions on what to do … search out planets that are ready to support life … And the planet is given it’s Life Charter.”
I don’t really have an opinion on this one. I know Scientologists talk about aliens. I watched a fascinating interview of a gentleman who used to work for NASA. He said yes, of course there are aliens that visit and observe us. What’s important to note though, is they are more advanced than us. They’ve got the technology to fly an inter-galactic trip but, they are also more advanced and mature psychologically, too. So they have no need to settle things by going to war. If they wanted to take over our planet they would have easily done so a long time ago. So they are not something to fear. (I guess NASA didn’t like ex-employees telling the public that sort of thing so it was removed from YouTube within a week of me seeing it.)

6) “The experiment was to create an intelligent being. Somebody who had intelligence and curiosity that they could use to advance humanity. So humanity will get to the point where they won’t need bodies any more, and that’s what we’re going into now.”
This sounds like a decent purpose for all of us, don’t you think? You definitely have intelligence and curiosity. What can you do in your life and career to advance the whole of humanity rather than doing what only benefits yourself and a few others? I believe this is where we are all heading in the New World Order and it will be fascinating to see how we use our bodies in the future.

7) [She talks about the three waves of volunteer souls who have come to Earth after the 1945 atomic bombing to help the people of the world. This is written about in more detail in her book shown here.]
This matches beautifully with Jack Canfield’s description in his book The Golden Motorcycle Gang which is an easy read (I did it in one afternoon.)

Amazon Paperback versions

Dolores Cannon – The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth
Jack Canfield – The Golden Motorcycle Gang

Kindle versions

Dolores Cannon – The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth
Jack Canfield – The Golden Motorcycle Gang

Dolores says she gets a huge amount of these people coming to her as patients. I wouldn’t take this to mean most of us are these volunteers. I would say, because she’s noticed them and focussed on them, that she tends to attract a higher percentage of them than other hypnotherapists.

8) “We’re the only planet in the Universe that has Free Will.”
I’m unsure if this is the only planet but the theory of Free Will matches the book “What will happen in 2012 and beyond?” by Eloheim and the Council, channelled by Veronica Torres. I think it’s also why none of the sources can predict exactly what’s going to happen to us and how it’s going to happen. Our free will means we can change our fate every step of the way. Like the Butterfly Effect. So the future is re-written every second. It also explains when you go to a good Psychic, they can tell you things that are coming up but they don’t always happen. The psychic can warn you of bad events in the future and you can change your path so the bad events don’t happen. This is why our Fate is in our own hands.

Paperback and Kindle versions of “What Will happen in 2012 and Beyond?”

9) “You can have parallel lives. You can be living this life and also living a life on another planet at the same time… You can learn a lot quicker if you experience these lives all at the same time.”
I have talked with Mercredan about this at some length. He has described these like chapters in a book. Each chapter a different life. Some of them in different centuries on Earth. Some in different galaxies. Some during the same era – two characters living on Earth at the same time. You can read the chapters in a certain order or you can jump from one chapter to another, but they all exist in the book at the same time. It kind of explains the time when you visit a new country and it feels familiar or, you feel like you might be living a different life right now. Don’t get anxious about this. What’s important is to live THIS life in the moment right now.

10) [Talking about the earth splitting into two where some people will raise their vibration to the new 5D. Others will stay in the old 3D heavier dimension.] “The world is moving into these other dimensions where it will be invisible to the ones on the old Earth and the old Earth are the ones that cannot change their vibrations fast enough to go.”
This I did not agree with. All sources are teaching us at the moment to remove judgement from our way of thinking. If the human race was going to split into two dimensions then where would be the border line? Who would judge which people have made it and which have not? I asked Mercredan in our session yesterday to clarify for me.

He said “That thinking is “Are you with me or against me?” So the whole idea is “I am more advanced than you are.” You understand? There is judgement if one wants to believe in that separation. And as we have already described, One is as it is. The whole of everything in balance. Then if one wishes to maintain balance one has to lift up the lower vibrations, the heaviness. One must help with lightening up that which drags everyone down… what I am saying is that nobody will be going forward until everybody is ready … No one will be left behind.

If you are interested I can blog the fuller conversation. Just let me know. So here’s Dolores’ video if you want to see the interview in full. It’s 54 minutes long. Otherwise, take a look at the books mentioned. I haven’t read Dolores’ book but have read the others and do recommend them.

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