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Does the Mayan Calendar show the End of the World?

August 27, 2012

AMNH --- Maya Stone Calendar

AMNH — Maya Stone Calendar (Photo credit: David Cesarino)

I was talking to a friend last night who, on asking a very successful woman what her plans were for next year just shrugged her shoulders and said “What’s the point? It will all be over by then.”

“What do you mean?” he said.

“The Mayan Calendar finishes in December and there’s nothing more after that.”

We talked about this as it’s a question many people are asking. Why did the Mayans finish their calendar December this year? Here are a few possibilities.

1) Mercredan has spoken about the new era being an epoch as I wrote in this article, meaning the dates will be measured and counted from this time onwards. The last time we did that was after the life of Jesus Christ. So, like the last article I link to on this page mentions, it can be like your car rolling it’s speedometer over from 99,9999 to zero. It starts again but the car doesn’t disappear.

2) Gregg Braden speaks in his book Fractal Time about a calendar showing 5 stones to represent each of the 5125 year smaller cycles. (I apologise for not being able to name where this stone calendar is. Someone has borrowed my Fractal Time book and I can’t check the details. Can someone help me out here?) The previous four each had a symbol representing that era. From memory they were

  • 1st Fire (20,000 years ago)
  • 2nd Wind (15,000 years ago)
  • 3rd Ice (Ice age around 10,000 years ago)
  • 4th Water (which is the melting of the ice and is recorded around 3,000BC in the bible when Noah built his ark.)

The 5th Rock symbol is Movement. The various channelled guides we have access to don’t seem to point this to the volcanos and earthquakes we’re seeing on the news but rather a Movement of Consciousness. The shape of this 5th rock starts the same size as the one next to it but then is cut diagonally across the top to get much larger from there on, heading up towards the sky.

This correlates with the studies done on one of the Egyptian pyramids in which the archaeologists found the path running inside the pyramid seemed to match measure for measure the years we have passed through. (I think it was one foot – 12 inches – per year.) When we went through difficult periods this pyramid path was rocky and difficult to traverse, particularly around our two world wars. But once it got to the point which would match the year 2012 it pointed straight up towards the apex of the pyramid and could not be climbed. (Again, I’ll have to do some research to find that documentation for you.)

3) Here’s what Mercredan offered in one of our recent sessions.

A = me (Annabelle)
M = Mercredan channelled by Francis Evans

A: I feel that over the last maybe three or four years I have been learning so much. I’m not sure how much of it I have put into action but I don’t believe that I’ve ever learnt so much in my life.

M: That is the case because the speed of learning has increased. Every body can pick that up. What they do not put in perspective is that it is not so much the learning that has increased but the speed of time.

A: The speed of time?

M: The speed of time is indeed increasing to the point where suddenly it will stop and that is the shift. Because you cannot overlap a great cycle.

A: Mm

M: Because one day you wake up and the whole is not the same as when you went to sleep. Let us make it more easy to understand. One day you are going to bed and your house and your city is peaceful and then it is rocked by your earthquakes and disappears and suddenly nothing is the same as it was. You understand? [Understand Mercredan is only using this as an example.]

A: I do

M: Many many places on your planet – nothing is the same as it was. Everything has changed in a flash of moment. But that is not enough. It is not enough for individuals around the planet to advance. It is a requirement that all shall be affected. The shift in consciousness leaves nobody behind.

A: Mm. So if time stops at one moment and we move from one epoch to the next then surely it cannot take several months to do? It must happen in one moment.

M: That is correct. Let us say if all of your electricity in the planet suddenly stops time as you measure it no longer exists. You understand?

A: No (laughs) No, I don’t understand that. Is this the electricity cut you were speaking of before?

M: Of course. Let us put it this way. All of your mechanical clocks must agree one another. Otherwise who will know the correct moment? But your electronics all align.

A: They do

M: Everything is in place because you have communication. Let us say for a moment all communication ceases.

A: Mm. And do you know what would cause such a thing? Is it a solar flare or something like that?

M: Let us say that is the most logical. But once again I want to say predictions are to be put to one side because they only generate fear rather than bringing one to understand. Preparation is a far better mechanism.

A: So what preparation can we do for this moment?

M: I want to say meditation. Because once one recognizes the moment, one acknowledges everything. You are already able to make sense of it. You are psychologically prepared.

A: Mm

M: And then you are not worried. You are not concerned that life will cease. Life will not cease as such but, it will take on a different form because along with this shift comes the connection in consciousness that so many have wanted to perceive. Shall we say that once your electronic signals cease to interfere humans become much more capable of recognizing the subtle messages flying around consciousness. Because as I have said so many times, consciousness is a shared state of mind. Only one’s idea of separation causes one to not belong, not be open to other influences outside of self. So you understand? As soon as time ceases, suddenly a new order arises that is human driven.

A: Hm. I know you spoke last time of life cycles continuing so if time ceases to exist, how do we measure life cycles?

M: Let us say in the present moment.

How about that?

So the world is not to end, it truly is the end of an era – or epoch – though. If time ceases and can only be measured in the present moment, perhaps a calendar is pointless…

There is much more we can discuss about time ceasing to exist. We can pull in the Quantum Physicists to teach us more about it along the way. I look forward to sharing what I learn with you and hearing what you’ve learnt yourself.


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  1. August 27, 2012 1:55 pm

    This article is not the Egyptian one I was looking for but shows a Mayan pyramid counting the days to 2012 and timelessness as well. Interesting reading

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