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Doreen Virtue Angel’s perspective

August 24, 2012

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Last night I went to a book launch for Doreen Virtue. I’m not really into angels and fairies but I understand that each of us has to find our own way to explain the messages we get through our intuition and how the great Law of Attraction is put into use. Some people say it’s God, some Allah, some Mother Nature, some angels and fairies. There’s no reason to pooh-pooh how other people explain it so long as we all come out with a beneficial result.

Doreen spoke to us for a while, perhaps 30-45 minutes, in a cosy little cafe not far out of Sydney’s city centre, about what her angels were giving her as the strongest message for the moment. Guess what it was?

Power. Our mis-use of it and how it needs to change.  Just like Mercredan’s lesson.

She said her angels say the way we are over-using electricity is harming ourselves and our planet. Also our over-use of coal and oil needs to stop.

One example she used was the great sky-scrapers in our city which have all their lights on throughout the night even though very few people are working in them. She encouraged us to write to the building owners and encourage them to simply turn the lights off at a certain time of night, leaving individuals to switch on the lights of their single offices if needed.

For us at home, her angels recommended we get off the grid. Buy solar panels to heat and power the home. Look for solar devices to re-charge phones and smaller battery electronic devices. But also, to generally un-plug as much as possible.

Doreen said her angels had pointed out they created the Fukushima disaster which temporarily turned off the nuclear power in Japan. This was meant to be Earth’s wake-up call. However, we didn’t take heed and the nuclear power is back on again so, the message was that if we’re not going to correct it ourselves then they will do something about it for us.

This is so similar to Mercredan’s power cuts, it was a good confirmation to me. There seems to be two reasons to cut the power around the world – whether it’s simultaneous or one part at a time.

1) If the power supply is cut very dramatically, we will finally be inspired to change the way our power is used and supplied. “It will come from a different background” is how Mercredan explained it.

2) With all power off and electronic devices no longer bleeping out their non-stop frequency noise, not only will we be able to see the stars clearer, but we will be able to hear our intuition with startling clarity. Once we experience this we will not want to go back to the way things were.

Mercredan also mentioned that having 2-3 weeks without our usual supply of “addictions” will kill off the addiction for many of us and we won’t return to it once the power is back on again. Good, huh?

2012 seems to be all about personal growth. You can choose to grow and expand or you can choose to continue life as it has been up till now for a while longer. It’s your choice. Not everyone will “see the light” in December. Those who are eager and open minded enough will grow quickly and those who fear the change will take longer.

Doreen’s angels and Mercredan have both said DO NOT FEAR these power cuts. Make preparations just as you buy insurance for your car or home.

Stock up on food and water, a gas BBQ or camp stove with enough fuel, some lamps, a good first aid kit, a bicycle … whatever you think you may need to make it through for up to 3 weeks (and that is maximum, Mercredan says).

This is an extraordinary time in the history of the planet. Enjoy every instant of it.

It’s time we all lived a cleaner life offering the most care and respect to these little bodies, our community and our planet. Mercredan says “We are looking on in awe of you and of what you are about to go through.”

Enjoy the ride!

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