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When diets go wrong

August 9, 2012

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition (Photo credit: fantasyhealthball)

I was talking with a woman the other day about diets and opened with my usual stir of asking how much of a diet‘s success is determined by our minds, expectations and beliefs. Remember how Law of Attraction works?

  • If you focus your attention on it, you draw more evidence of it into your future (and sometimes that’s almost immediate).
  • The stronger your focus, the more likely and more often it will be drawn to you. 
  • And emotion you add to that focus will determine whether you get more or lose more.

So if you’re a diet junkie and like to try lots of them but find none of them work for you, it’s likely that your belief that diets don’t work will make sure none of them ever do, no matter how well they work for someone else.

And if you’ve never tried one before but find one you like, see the great results other people are getting, feel inspired to do the same and start the diet with a positive expectation; then it’s likely you’ll start to see great results in a relatively short space of time.

Does that make sense?

Well let’s take this a little further.

Why do you need the diet in the first place?

Because I’m overweight.
How often do you notice you’re overweight? 
Well, every time I look in the mirror, every time I see a yummy chocolate bar or a donut and every time I have to do my pants up after going for a pee.
Hm, that’s quite a few times a day.
Hell yeah.
How strongly do you focus on it each time?
REALLY strongly. I beat myself up for even thinking about those donuts and curse my pants as they seem to get tighter all the time.
Can you name the emotions you’re feeling when you focus on it?
Just awful. Guilt, anger, frustration, hopelessness.

Check it out! Law of Attraction working perfectly. Focus on something often, with intensity and layered with emotion and you’ve got the perfect recipe to keep staying overweight for the rest of your life.

So how do we change it?

  • We change the focus.
  • We change the emotion.
  • We change the frequency.

How to we change the focus and emotion?

Focussing on everything that’s wrong about your body will it appear worse – even if it’s only in your own mind. Every time you catch yourself berating that body of yours, make it an Aha! moment, flip to the positive and point out at least three things that are great about your body.

Can’t think of anything? How about…

“I’m so lucky I can see out of both my eyes. It would be really hard to judge distance if I only had one.”
“I’m so lucky that both my eyes point the same way. Others would struggle to know where I was looking if one eye pointed elsewhere.”
“I’m so lucky both my eyes are on the front of my head. I would look very strange if they were above my ears!”

Yep, I’m making these funny because if you can laugh at your own explanations you’ll lighten up and those negative emotions will disappear.

That’s a really quick exercise and you can use it a million times a day whenever you spot a self criticism.

How do we change the frequency?

Let’s lessen the amount of times in the day you get the opportunity to criticise what you see. Cover up the full length mirror for 30 days. If you want to see what clothes co-ordinate together lay them out on the bed before you put them on. Want to know how you look in them? Give up the temptation of viewing by mirror and judge clothes by how you feel in them. If they feel tight, they probably look tight.

You’ll be surprised how effective this can be. If you’ve been in this habit for a long time it’s going to take a wee while to overlay a new habit. I’m not asking you to spend hours telling yourself “I’m thin, I’m thin, look at me I’m thin” when you plainly don’t believe it. So simply removing the criticisms will help you relax.

Once you’re relaxed you can look for better feeling thoughts about yourself.
The more you think good thoughts about yourself the more you see how much you are worth.
The more you see how much you’re worth, the more you’ll want to look after yourself, get some exercise, eat smaller proportions and take healthier options on what you eat and drink.

Worth a try? I can’t think of anything easier and more fun.

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