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More Power failures… as expected

August 3, 2012
Indian power failures of August 2012 affected 670 million people

Oops! I’ve not been paying attention to the news over the last couple of days and almost missed hearing about India’s massive power failure. This is in follow-up to the article I wrote back in June about the possibility of power failures around the planet here and then in follow-up when the grid went down on the East Coast of USA here. Now I know the USA was only a few million people but now India’s power failure affected half the country of 680 million people. Serious.

In the first article I wrote how I was advised that we should each take responsibility for our own survival for up to 3 weeks making sure we have adequate supplies of food, water, medicine, gas bottles, batteries, transport like a bicycle etc. Without power, most other utilities such as water and gas will also suffer so you need to think broadly about what supplies you need. I added some ideas there in the article and welcome any others if you want to add a comment at the end.

I was accused by one person of trying to strike fear into people, saying the sky is falling. I don’t see this as fearful at all. It is a most useful warning and if you put a bit of effort into preparation then, you don’t really have much to fear and can focus your energy on helping others if it happens in your corner of the world.

Another said to me that if I teach Law of Attraction I should know already that putting such a disaster into the minds of people is more likely to make it manifest. I love Law of Attraction and how powerfully it can work for each of us but I draw the line here. Putting our hands over our ears and singing “La la la” really loudly doesn’t make things like this go away if it is already a manifestation of the larger Collective Consciousness.

If you are warned a tsunami is coming and you live down by the beach, I don’t know any one personally who could use their mind in a strong enough way to stop the Tsunami from happening. Hey, it’s a warning. Be warned. Take heed and you will survive. This is bigger than our little individual selves and is happening for a reason.

It’s also important to not look at this sort of thing as only a disaster. We need to learn to remove judgement from what we see happening around us, particularly at this moment while our planet is going through extraordinary tangible and intangible changes.

From a broader perspective – a much broader perspective – if there are power failures all over the planet, then it’s possible the authorities who manage the grids might get together at some point and compare notes on how they can build a better, more sustainable supply. Wouldn’t that be great? Because they’re obviously not doing enough of that at the moment, are they? Much less helping each other out like the airlines did in my follow-up article.

It sounds to me like there is more worldwide craziness to come this year but from that craziness some really wonderful improvements will emerge that will make our lives easier, more secure and sustainable.

So hang in there. And, when you see incredible news stories that make you fearful, just do what you can in your own community to soften the blow if something similar happened there and think about what good things could arise in the aftermath.

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