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December 21, 2012 is not a new era

August 2, 2012

I’ve been continuing my lessons via the channeller and on Monday was told this change over period (most people talk about this being around December 21, 2012) is not a new era but a new epoch.

I thought, what the hell do they mean by that? Isn’t an epoch the same thing as an era?

So I checked for a proper definition. This is what it says

a particular period of time in history or a person’s life:
the Victorian epoch

  • the beginning of a period in the history of someone or something: these events marked an epoch in their history
  • Geology a division of time that is a subdivision of a period and is itself subdivided into ages, corresponding to a series in chronostratigraphy: the Pliocene epoch
  • Astronomy an arbitrarily fixed date relative to which planetary or stellar measurements are expressed.

early 17th century (in the Latin form epocha; originally in the general sense of a date from which succeeding years are numbered): from modern Latin epocha, from Greek epokhē ‘stoppage, fixed point of time’, from epekhein ‘stop, take up a position’, from epi ‘upon, near to’ + ekhein ‘stay, be in a certain state

See what I made bold there in the last paragraph? A date from which succeeding years are numbered.

The last time that happened was when Jesus was born. Think about what would have happened at the time of the year 1 AD in our current numbering system (for there is no year zero). There were a lot of people who knew the baby was going to be born, but when he was born, no one in government said “He’s arrived now so let’s start the calendar again.”

That didn’t happen. There was much talk of how important this baby was but he hadn’t done anything or said anything significant at that stage. It was only centuries later that they realised he’d had such a profound effect on the world that everything would be different from there on. Such a big difference that they wanted to mark the occasion by restarting the calendar back-dated to his birth date.

Maybe the same thing will happen in this case. Rather than a bolt of lightening hitting each head on the planet on December 21st and us all realising at once a new understanding of the world and how we live in it; perhaps it will take us some decades to realise how extraordinary this particular moment is in the history of our Planet.

Mercredan has said that the speed in which we learn this new understanding is not yet set. The future is not ever certain because every little variation and choice each person on the planet makes changes the future. (See the Butterfly Effect).

It could potentially happen in a single moment if you could get enough people in the world to stop and pay attention at the same time (like if we saw a nuclear bomb go off live on the television and we unanimously said in our minds “ENOUGH”) or another option is it could potentially take some months. Like a slow dawning.

Best thing I think we can do for now is to become very aware of our own behaviour and thinking patterns and that of the world as it stands. Notice and enjoy the changing of people’s actions and words. Watch the news to analyse the change but don’t let it get you down. Broadcast news is not very good at removing judgement from events so you’ll often need to look at alternative news sources for less sensational drama or to simply read between the lines of the broadcast news to see the benefits of what is going on.

What else can you do to be present to living in this amazing time?


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