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Quick book review of Golden Motorcycle Gang by Jack Canfield and William Gladstone

July 15, 2012

Excellent little book I read through an afternoon. I have immense respect for Jack Canfield. Not only for the success he has created in his life but for the “big picture” purpose behind it all of helping as many of us as possible realise our potential, find our purpose and create our own success.

This is a fascinating book written about Jack in the third person which I think was a wise choice. You’ll see negative reviews here from those who are used to his lessons in how to create personal success and are disappointed this is not written in the same practical vein.

You’ll also see negative reviews from those who complain of ego. I see no ego problems here. Canfield knows what he has achieved and yet is humble enough to continue his learning and reach out to others to share ideas. So I can only conclude those who complain about ego simply have more work to do on their own self confidence.

This is a book for open minded people only. Anyone who’s watched the news for the past 15-20 years will have seen the vast change in what is going on in the world. Increased warfare, extreme weather patterns, looming economic downfalls, global warming, more pollution, the rise of the occupy movement showing people’s concern for the changes but inability to find a solution.

We can see the pendulum is about to take a turn and here you have a choice.
1) You can ignore it and hope for the best,
2) give up and expect doom
3) or you can do some study in a broader sense and learn how you can better prepare for that tipping point.

I highly recommend this book to people who choose option 3, who look forward to a better world and love to organise events! Your time has come and you are much needed. Enjoy!
Kindle edition:
Paperback edition:
Hardback edition:

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