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An unexpected warning – PLEASE SHARE

June 13, 2012

Power pole

Power pole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear family, friends and clients.

For about 6 months now I have been receiving lessons from a “higher soul” channelled through Francis Evans in New Zealand. Channelling is when you relax yourself to the point of deep meditation and allow another soul, or group of souls to speak through you. Some channellers hear it, others like Francis don’t know what was said but can only feel if the session was a good one or not.

When I had my first session I found it pretty weird as it clearly wasn’t Francis. Francis is just like the rest of us, with the fears, doubts and complaints we humans all have. This soul is far wiser than us and has taught me much about myself, about human behaviour and the great changes taking place in the world. The soul even has a sense of humour so it can be fun as well as rich in wisdom.

The last session I had was quite different though and included what appears to be a serious message. Each time I’ve asked something about the future the soul usually fobs me off saying it’s ‘speculation’ as anything can change the future so nothing is certain (like the Butterfly Effect if you’ve ever heard of it.) This had more surety though.

I record each session and have transcribed this part of the conversation for you below. It is about the possibility of us losing power for around 3 weeks.

A: is me

M: is what the soul calls itself, Mercredan


– Without power we cannot pump petrol so we will run out.

– No petrol means no deliveries to the shops.

– I recommend you check with your local water and gas suppliers to see how reliant they are on electricity. If water is pumped by electricity it is possible that will go too which would be much worse.


– It would be worth having enough food that needs very little power to heat or cook.

– BBQ with a gas bottle, coal or wood

– camp lanterns with plenty of batteries

– Well maintained bicycle to get around

– wheel barrow or walking granny trolley to carry things

bottled water of course

– well stocked first aid kit

– lots of plastic bags for trash and sewerage that won’t be collected

– anything else you might run out of like cleaning products, sanitary items, disinfectant etc

– find out who in your area has solar power


We can’t be sure of course, but I figure

1) if it doesn’t happen by the end of the year, you can slowly use up your cans and spare water – nothing is wasted

2) if it does happen, you will survive.

I love you all and hope you heed this warning. You know me. I’ll be the last person to send you a warning from an unreliable source but, in this case, I very much trust the source.

Please forward on to anyone who will listen. They are welcome to ring me if they want further details.

Annabelle Drumm

Sydney Australia

PS – I would be absolutely delighted if 1 January next year you tell me Mercredan had it wrong, this was a load of bollocks and nothing happened.

Session 6 June 2012

M: Good morning and once again it is a my privilege and pleasure to spend these moments of your time.

So far, everything is still waiting for the final ignition. You understand then like all probabilities, everything requires a final act, a final moment when all things start to find their resolution. You are then waiting for that moment to occur. And like all things then, waiting is as much good as preparation for the next phase and very few people then are truly ready for what might occur.

Even as the powers that understand these things realise the inevitable. It is still difficult to alert the population without telling the population what is coming. So you … (?) them in the final conclusions. That is enough for us to begin the conversation.

A: OK. So as I sit here and wait, I wonder what more preparation I can do to have myself ready for that moment.

M: Let us say this. What would you call it? Your civil authorities already expect that you will have enough food and water set aside for when or if such necessities are required. And in that sense it is wise to get that together because when things come to the final head as it were, much of the infrastructure of your societies must undergo transformation. So very much of what has been organized in the past can no longer function, as it did. Do you understand what I mean?

A: In terms of infrastructure do you mean in distributing food and water and electricity?

M: I want to say your biggest problem, of course, is your electricity because once that ceases to function nothing else can. Everything requires the electricity. Shall we say you are structured in that fashion so a single outage of a single city will bring it to a standstill almost immediately.

A: Indeed it would.

M: You understand then, nothing can begin to work at all. There are very few possibilities. Then that is why those that have such things as operating on the gas supply are much more able to function a little longer. So it is wise then to have at least some form of backup for that right. (?)

A: And how many cities would require this. Are you speaking just of the area in which I reside?

M: Let us say I am speaking of all over the world. Many many industrialized, organized cities will cease to function. Those that are, say, more moveable, that is less organized, will fair somewhat better because they already have such systems already in place.

A: Yes, I understand that. So for me, where I live, I cannot grow my own vegetables or be self sufficient in that way.

M: Not that you will be required. You understand? So often there is the biggest versions that all will come to us (I think this means “worst case scenario) — of course that is not accurate. First of all you are only looking at a short period of time. Perhaps up to 3 of your weeks.

A: right

M: maximum of course. You understand? Because once it is realised that the infrastructure as it stood has unable to operate, a new functionality must begin almost immediately with a different background.

A: I am thinking if electricity is a problem within those 3 weeks then getting petrol to our vehicles would also be difficult which is how we distribute food.

M: Let us say it will not operate at all. Then you should say there is enough private generators capable of being able to distribute small amounts for emergency services and that is all. That is why the whole of the structure ceases to operate. Everything is linked and it is functionally linked as a result because it emulates, of course, always, consciousness.

Individuals rely upon each other and that is what has been misdirected. You understand what I mean? Because once you take out the unnecessary you are left with what is important and that is truly on the basis of what is needed. So those with functional skills will still be needed. Others will no longer be required. You understand? Certain skills are essential. Organisation and leadership, of course, being prime.

A: So with the infrastructure falling down, would that be fairly immediate around the time that we have our new graduation prize? (We have spoken many times before about the Movement in Consciousness the Mayan Calendar says will happen in December, later this year. Mercredan calls this our Graduation prize as it will be a “download” of new information which will change the way we live.) Our new information?

M: Let us say any time soon. That is you cannot predict what is unpredictable because one would then see that one has no influence on anything at all and that is not the case. Human kind has the ability to influence all things should there be a change in attitudes. You understand what I mean?

A: Attitudes, ok.

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  1. July 15, 2012 1:24 pm

    UPDATE: Here’s a fascinating article looking at the changing global energy infrastructure from Urban Designer Neil Chambers who is a real thought leader in his field.


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