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Is the Kony 2012 project over before it began?

March 23, 2012

Jason Russell of Invisible Children speaks at ...

Jason Russell of Invisible Children speaks at TEDxSanDiego in December 2011 - _MG_4054 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

Did Jason Russell’s actions ruin the project’s reputation?

Two weeks ago, a 30 minute film was released on Youtube called Kony 2012 by the charity Invisible Children. It’s become the greatest phenomenon in Youtube history with currently 84 million views clocked up. More than that have watched it too. It’s been broadcast on free-to-air television and shown at schools everywhere so many more than 100 million people have watched it.

But within a week, the documentary maker for Invisible Children, Jason Russell made headlines on the world news with camera evidence of him undressed doing unmentionable things in public.

So, has he undone all the good work they’d started the week before?

Well let me give my view on the original video. There has been plenty of analysis on how it was made, emotional content versus factual footage, but you know how it affected me when I first saw it?

The most astounding thing I noticed was how perfectly it matched the rules of the Law of Attraction. Let’s take a quick look.

Law of Attraction rule: Focus on what you want. Don’t focus on what you don’t want.

This film was exceptional in keeping strong emphasis on what they wanted. Sure they needed to give you proof that the cause was worthy, but the main drive was definitely on what action they wanted you to take.

This is where so many political campaigns go wrong. They spend so much time bad-mouthing the opposition they have no idea they are actually putting their competitors names and faces into our minds. So when the time comes to vote, people vote with what they remember – the competitor.

Law of Attraction rule: Focus on the end result. Don’t assume you know how to get there.

The intention here was really clear too. Stop Joseph Kony. Nowhere in the film do they ask you to arrest him, to kill him or do anything else to him. Just stop him. That could come about in any number of ways which would be satisfactory if it achieves the goal.

Remember this for your own goals. Don’t assume you know how what you want will happen. Just focus on the end picture.

Example: My goal is to destroy my competitor. Why? So they won’t steal any more of my clients. What would happen if the competitor was destroyed? I would be happy. What does happy look like? I would have plenty of happy clients that didn’t want to go anywhere else and be making lots of money.
Ahh – here is the real goal. The end picture.

By focussing this way you may find there’s a far easier path to achieving it than trying to destroy someone else.

Law of Attraction rule: The more you focus on the end result without dwelling on all the reasons it can’t happen, the quicker it will manifest.

Think about the strength of any goal that has 100 million sets of eyeballs on it. Whether people agree with it or not, they saw it and reacted in some way. Remember what I said about the political parties? This is where the saying “All publicity is good publicity” comes from. If people are focussed on it, it will be gaining strength.

So my view is, no matter what Jason Russell has done which people judge as negative or something to make a snide tweet about, the world has given more focus to this campaign than anything since World War II. The intention and desire to achieve it is so immense that it cannot fail.

My feelings towards Jason is that of compassion. If you think what he did was unacceptable and you’ve decided to judge him on what happened, then walk a mile in his shoes. You try going from obscurity to having that much world attention in one week and hold yourself together.

If you showed 100 people a film of you baring your soul and stating your dream or passion, you’re going to get a certain percentage of them who will give you their opinion which is cynical, untrusting, critical, jealous, generally unhappy about whatever. Now, think about multiplying that same percentage by 100 million people and you’ll get an idea of what Jason and his team have had to cope with since the release of the film.

I’m on the mail list for a top internet marketer called Frank Kern. He is very clear in the wonderful advice he gives that if you’re going to put your material out into the world for many people to see, it’s important you have someone else filter the replies.

Some one who can trash the “you’re an idiot” type emails, report to the police the “I am going to kill you/stop you” type emails and remove all emotion from questions so you may answer whatever you decide needs to be answered.

The minute you turn around to defend yourself against the back stabbers, you are distracted from your goal. If you spend too much time defending behind yourself you’ll never move forward.

The Invisible Children only had about 20-30 people working there. They need a good team to bring up the Rear Guard (no intentional pun) to handle the feedback and allow the managers of the group at the top to keep moving forward. To keep their eyes on the prize.

Here’s another point I want to make.

When this campaign succeeds in stopping Joseph Kony, the world may begin to understand how powerful our minds can be when we all align our attention on the same goal. Everybody contributes. Celebrities, working mums and dads, school kids, quadriplegics in wheel chairs, the elderly in their beds. Each of us can make a contribution to getting the job done with our focus and intention. This is what gives inspiration to the powerful ones who can take action to help achieve the goal. Once we realise this, then any number of baddies can be stopped. Any great unjust powers can be depleted. Any monopolies the Occupy movement may complain about can be resolved.

Imagine what kind of world we could live in once we understand the power of the collective mind?

Got something to say about it? Comment below.

And, thank you for reading such a long article!

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