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A big step in the right direction

November 20, 2011

Hi guys and gals

Normally I’d write you an article but this time I wanted to share my news
with you instead.

A couple of weeks ago I applied for an elite business course. It’s run by
Bradley Communications. They’re the publicity company that helped launch
Robert Kiyosaki‘s Rich Dad Poor Dad (sold 26 million copies and 6 years on
the New York Times Best Seller list) and Jack Canfield‘s Chicken Soup for
the Soul (now a series of books which has sold over 100 million copies in 54
languages worldwide).

The course only had 150 places in the world. I had to submit articles (the
same ones I send you), publicity I’ve done and what my goals are in my

Guess what? I got selected! Yee haa!

The course will be 12 months. I can do most of it by Skype and phone but am
flying for the first intensive group mastermind to Philadelphia for the
first week of December.

My coaching has seen some extraordinary results with my clients. Often I’m
sitting there with my mouth open, just like the client, when I probably
should be sitting there with a calm James Bond look on my face saying “Why
of course. I knew that was going to happen.”

It’s so fulfilling to see major positive change in my clients that I know I
assisted. Making a difference in the world is everything to me, even if it’s
done one person at a time.

Not everyone can afford one-to-one coaching though, so I’ll be extending my
business model into more economical products and services. My goal is to
help as many people in the world as I can and I really feel this new course
is going to help me achieve that. I’m riding on the shoulders of giants now.

So stay tuned and feel free to encourage any of your creative friends who
want to improve their own careers to subscribe on my homepage.

Also, if you’re interested in one-to-one coaching to help maintain your
career, make it feel like less work or to make it something you’re really
passionate about, come talk to me.

(because I’m in a good mood)
If you do your initial consultation before 30 November
then sign up and pay before 16 December
(bearing in mind I’ll be away 3-11 December)
I’ll give you more than 25% DISCOUNT on my 6 month career coaching series.

There’s more info and testimonials on the site if you want to read about it:

Or you can call and leave a message with a few suitable times you’re
available to talk. Phone +61 2 8205 7639.

Or just email me off the website (don’t press reply to this… I won’t get
it) and I can email you back my skype or AIM name so we’re saving ourselves
the toll call.

I’d love to help make your career something that would leave your mouth open
too. Let’s talk!

Kitegirl, Annabelle Drumm


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