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The Best and the Worst of OWS, Occupy Wall St

October 20, 2011

OWS or Occupy Wall Street has been a protest which has caught the world’s attention. Copied around the world and still in progress more than a month after it started, the protesters are determined to make change happen.

When I first saw it on the TV I thought ‘What a load of bollocks. Jumping up and down saying “it’s not fair” and “something ought to be done” without offering any solutions is a waste of time.’

But then I thought I’d contemplate it a bit further and see what came up for me.

I decided to look at it from the point of view of the Law of Attraction which I successfully use in my own life so regularly and often include in my business and life coaching.

(If you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction, here’s a quick article I did as introduction: )

To me, it seemed simple enough.

Yes, change would come about from this protest – the organizers would be pleased to hear – but it would be vastly different results for each individual who attended.

The difference between them would be the feelings, emotion and attitude they have in regards to the topic.

Let me explain.

We’ll take a look at the topic of Wealth in this article although there are several topics the Occupy Wall Street protest covers.

On the protesters’ website they have mentioned they are against the “greed of the 1%” and are “focused on ending the tyranny of the 1%”.

They also mentioned words such as “corrupt”, “excessive bonuses”, “corrosive power”, “dangerous”, “stealing”, “the shadow of wealth, greed and thievery that is Wall Street” … all very negative words against what it is to be rich.

I’ve found with my coaching clients that when they are quick to conclude that rich people are everything negative, they miss the point that they may subconsciously be sabotaging their own efforts to grow their personal wealth quite simply because they don’t want to be described with these very same words.

They don’t want their friends and family to look on them as greedy, stealing, corrupt and dangerous. They want to be nice people, loving, giving, honest. Therefore, in order to stay that way, they cannot allow themselves to be “rich”.

Have a think about that.

How do you view “rich” people? Do you have a blanket view of them all? Because I can tell you I’ve met plenty of rich people and they span the whole spectrum from perfect angels to real nasties.

Just like “poor” people.

So if you view rich people as bad, and you don’t want to be bad, then you’re going to make sure you stay poor.

Here’s the basic rules of Law of Attraction
1) Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs (which are just thoughts you regularly think) become your future reality.
2) What you focus on the most you add strength to (good or bad).
3) You have the power to change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about any particular topic if you’d like a future reality that’s different from your reality up till now.

So the two results I feel will most likely come out of these protests which affect the individuals participating are these.

If an individual goes to the protest believing a system is not working and they have hopes and dreams of finding a way to make a change for the better (in other words they’re looking at the protest with a positive mindset) then eventually they will either find a great solution or inspire action from others that will support their cause in changing the system.

If an individual goes to the protest believing 1% of the population have TOO much money (i.e. other people) and that it’s not fair, then they are confirming in their own minds the belief that they have a lack of money and power to change their personal situation.

Their result, according to the Law of Attraction, will be MORE lack of money and personal power in the future which matches their current belief. The fact that they are focussing so strongly on it (see rule 2) means their money and power situation is about to get a lot worse.

So! If you are involved in these protests around the world, which result do you want for yourself and for the world?

Are you keeping positive or confirming your lack?

Post your comments below.

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  1. October 20, 2011 2:21 pm

    Capitalism is in need of a shakeup. Now’s the time. Personal wealth should be capped for the sake of humanity.

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