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Are you sure money doesn’t grow on trees?

June 29, 2011

I had a coaching client who was worried about where she’d get the money to do what she wanted to do over the next 6 months. It got me thinking about how limiting our beliefs can be about how resourceful we are.

Law of attraction, and pretty much every mainstream religious group in the world, teaches us that our thoughts and beliefs become our reality.

So, if you believe that the only way you’ll get what you want is by buying it, this creates your reality.

If you believe that the only money you’ll get is the money you earn, this creates your reality.

If you believe you’re limited in what the world offers and you have to get everything through hard work and sweat, this creates your reality.

“But that’s the way it is” I hear you say.
“It is for you,” I reply, “but not for everyone in the world so it’s not a rule. It’s only YOUR reality.”

So, what if you changed that belief?
It’s in your power after all.
No one controls your mind and your beliefs except you.

You can change to believe whatever you choose to believe.
Why not make it a more powerful belief that makes you feel more secure, more confident, more happy?

What if you became open to the idea that the things you want can come to you any way they please… and sometimes the more humorous way it comes, the more fun it is to watch it arrive.

What if you started to think about how cashflow could come from places other than your job? You can receive unexpected discounts. You can get special offers. Win prizes. People suddenly get the urge to give you stuff for free. Someone may want to do a pro bono with you.

By changing to these new beliefs, a whole new world opens to you in how you get what you want.

Example 1:-
I have a friend who mourned the fact she loved to go to the theatre but didn’t have the money to do so. She said she’d absolutely adore the idea of going to every show in town. So she decided to keep her mind open to ALL options.

Soon after she was offered a job as a theatre critic.
Free tickets galore.

Example 2:-
Another client set a coaching goal of wanting to do some horse riding lessons but again, didn’t have the money and decided to leave it open to the Universe to solve.

Within a fortnight the government sent a letter saying they had mis-calculated one of her payments and sent her a cheque for exactly the same amount as the cost of the horse riding course.

Example 3:-
A client was setting up a new business. She wanted to update her marketing skills but didn’t have the money to join a course. Her savings were running down and she was considering looking for a job again.

Within 2 weeks she ran into an old business colleague who had an established business. He wanted to grow it but needed assistance. He was saying he’d signed up to a bundle of expensive marketing courses but didn’t have the time to do them. He offered her a part time job. Her job would be to do the courses and implement the new knowledge into his business. His business did not clash with her own so he had no problem with her using it for herself as well. She was laughing with me that she was now getting paid to do these courses.

These are just three of many many examples that I’ve witnessed, not only in my own life but in those of my clients and friends.

You can choose to take on new beliefs too.

Sometimes they take a while to sink in but some gentle persistence of “just knowing it’ll all work out” is far more powerful than you can possibly imagine. This is not as airy fairy as it sounds.

All those religions I mentioned before are based on another common theme too.


It’s that intangible idea that’s so hard to describe, particularly to those who have no faith.

Faith can be a simple knowing that what you believe will come about.
And that’s what you need for your beliefs in money as well.

No matter what others around you are saying to distract you and discourage you, if you have faith and feel peaceful about your money goals, set aside the feeling that you have to do it all yourself, or that you have to give blood, sweat and tears to make it happen, then what you focus on most will become your reality.

Start with something small, like someone shouting you a drink next time you’re at the pub (if this is not the norm). As you see your wishes appearing because you have faith they will, get a little braver, dream and expect something a little bigger, ask for a bit more and as time goes by, you’ll be astounded at what comes about.

Annabelle Drumm
Life and Business Coach
Law of Attraction Mentor

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