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Checking priorities

August 21, 2014

Day 65

A few more dreams from the last 3 nights to note down.

1) Ad Agency job

I got a job in an Advertising agency. It was not a normal job, different from what the others do. A new, special kind of job which was created for me. I was meant to start on Monday but, even though it was only Friday, I decided to go in anyway.

I had to ascend a long narrow corridor to get to the door. I realised as I was walking that I was wearing faded old jeans, sneakers and no makeup. I felt a bit doubtful about how they would judge me but, as I entered the agency, the receptionist didn’t bat an eyelid. She greeted me as one of the team as if nothing were amiss.

Dream Interpretation

The Ad agency: Not sure if this is actual in the future or just happened to be on my mind as I am currently doing work with Ad agencies.

Long corridor: Ascension? Moving up in the world? Or simply to do with our evolution?

Clothing: I guess this is similar to the dream where I ran into the house trying to close the curtains but everyone seeing me inside anyway. I am learning to accept my true self and I am getting confirmation that the people I will be working with will want to do so because of who I am, not what I look like.

It would be quite different for me to go to work without feeling the need to put in effort to present myself in a particular way.

 2) Missing the Tram

My son and I arrived at a tram station where I saw a table covered in things that I realised were mine. New things that I’d forgotten to pickup? claim?  I sat down at the table and started to pick up as much of it as I could.

I knew the tram had arrived. There was a bustle of people and many were eyeing what was on my table. I was distracted with picking up handbags (?) Soon I realised the tram doors had shut with my son inside, his hands on the glass calling me and looking surprised I hadn’t got on the tram.

Dream Interpretation

Similar message to before. Possessions are not the priority any more. I need to get clear on the priorities! Not sure if missing the tram had much in it. I wasn’t to upset about my son being on the tram. I already know he would just get off at the next stop and wait for me.

3) Watery journey

Both sons and I had to board a ship to cross a perilous piece of water. The waves were huge, like a massive storm brewing but the ship’s crew were nonplussed as if they deal with this crossing every day.

At one point I had to get on a vehicle to get from the land to the ship. It was like a flying fox but you sit on it like a motorcycle in tandem with a crew member on the front.

The guy was talking and laughing about how we all need to be responsible for ourselves. He was saying something about if people were more responsible there would be less (accidents/litigation/problems?)

As we started out across the dangerous water I realised on my lap were some of my son’s tiny toys and I struggled to get them into my pockets. At the same time my seat belt was undone. I was struggling to grab the toys and do up the seatbelt at the same time, unable to decide which should come first.

Dream Interpretation

Not sure about the perilous crossing. What are we all in for? There’s definitely a message of getting priorities right again between frivolous and life saving responsibilities.

Do you have any suggestions for how to interpret these dreams? Feel free to comment below.

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Advice for the last half of 2014

August 16, 2014

Day 60

Woke in the middle of the night with a loud noise in my ears much higher than I’d ever heard before. I headed to the other end of the house and it got quieter so it wasn’t in my head. Could it be electrical frequencies near the front of the house? Improved hearing?

At least I got back to sleep quickly and woke up feeling wonderful.

Still not eating like I was before the weekend. I’m ignoring the usual mealtimes and just feel like eating when I’m hungry, then only eating enough till I’m not hungry any more.

Kryon message

I’ve read articles by the channelled entity Kryon before. This is the first time I’ve heard his voice. To me it’s magnificent! Take a listen. Recorded June 28 2014, the video is about half an hour long on what he’s been teaching over the last 18 months and what we need to know about the rest of 2014.

My summary …

In the past we’ve been using our brain, being logical, analytical, being sensible; in order to survive.

From here forward we need to open our intuition and listen to that for instruction rather than trying to figure it out on our own. The reason being, the rules have changed and we’re up for something new. Something we’ve never experienced in this life or any other life/planet/galaxy.

The download of your Life’s Purpose comes by simply saying “I’ll try” with pure intent.

Advice from the 2013 to June 2014

  1. Stop spinning. Give up promoting conspiracy theories – you thought it was a good thing to tell others about but it doesn’t help peace on earth. The conspiracies will take care of themselves and correct.
  2. The Egyptians built pyramids without ET help. They were not runways for the gods. You’re spending your life on finding evidence of ETs, yet the current group of humans on Earth all have ET DNA. In the meantime you have better things to spend your time on to help peace on Earth. Turn your focus in on yourself and find out who you are.
  3. New Agers, stop being weird. You don’t need to be weird and go against the grain. Be one of them and claim your Mastery. It will help peace on Earth.

Advice for the months to the end of the year

  1. Understand intuition. It is the new way of communicating. Combining human brain and intuition allows the human body to live for hundreds of years. Start simple and learn in your own way and what it feels like. Understand you don’t know what’s coming next so you’ve got to have help through your intuition. Prepare for new tools to be given. You don’t have to do this by yourself. Just ask for the help.
  2. Once you know what intuition feels like, capture it and practice it. You’ll find your own way to make this happen. It’s unique to you. you are developing the human intuition potential which will dwarf the Human brain it’s so big.
  3. Start counting on synchronicity. See how many things/people/accidents/opportunities are not random at all. This is spirit working with you and the more intuitive you get the more freaky coincidences will occur for you. Synchronicity leads to co-creation.

When you start to do this, others will say “I don’t know how you’re doing this but can I come along with you for a while? You seem to be so lucky.” Then, take them by the hand and love them.

The more people who do this the quicker the planet will move to peace in the new epoch.

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The Great Purge

August 14, 2014

Day 59

Two very clear dreams last night. Both relatively easy to interpret.

1) The Great Purge

I was doing something in the kitchen at the sink when some deep brown liquid started pouring into the sink from the plughole. I couldn’t wash it away. It wasn’t getting any worse so went to the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet I stood up to find the same brown liquid pouring up into the toilet from below. No human waste. It was filled with tree debris. Seeds, nuts, leaves, twigs and the brown colour was like water after it’s been soaking bark for a long time. No smell but a big mess that splashed me and out onto the floor. This annoyed me very much.

I went outside to find a lot of men doing a major road work outside installing huge, thick white pipes several feet in diameter, I guess as new sewerage lines. This gave me relief.

Dream Interpretation

To me this made me think of all the war and violence that is thrown up at us, entering our houses and physically affecting us, every day through the TV news. Currently that includes Israel vs. Palestine in Gaza, ISIL vs. Yazidis and anybody non ISIL in Syria, Iraq and other countries; and Russia vs Ukraine in Ukraine.

It’s hard to ignore – I know it’s upsetting a lot of people right now – but the tree debris made me feel what needs purging is old stuff that’s been around much longer than the current humans involved.

Generations old. Centuries old quarrels.

Not just that but, although there appears to be a mix of things in there, it all comes from the same source.

And, the good news is the new works are in progress! Spiritually clean new pipes are being laid that will process and clear all the old nasty stuff in a way we will no longer be affected by it in the future.

2) Removing the lines

I was given a race car to play with on a wide open field or tarmac. Rather than start speeding around straight away, I moved around the field slowly, reaching out the open door, peeling off miles of wide sticky tape, like clear duct tape, off the ground. It was aged, dirty, decaying and definitely ready to be removed.

This tape laid out the previous game. It structured the rules and limitations on how you can play on the field.
I came up to one area which had a capital T shape. The same shape you’d mark on a TV studio floor to give an Actor their starting spot. I decided to leave this but removed all the rest.

Dream Interpretation

The rules of the game of life are changing! Although we may have the same starting point, the old rules and limitations are no longer required. We will be more free in how we can play and work from here forward.

Does that mean I get a faster, more cool vehicle to play/work in from here forward? :-)

How this translates into our 3D lives is not completely clear but both are definitely positive messages.

Mercredan has mentioned that change only comes from disruption. All the traumatic news you are seeing thrown out of the television into your house each night is for a reason. It’s the final stand and time for all old quarrels to be sorted out.

I don’t believe they will be resolved by annihilating one group of people. Yes, there will be lives lost but eventually agreement will be reached.

Join me in believing in the potential for this to be a reality in our near future. The impossible becomes possible when we have enough people believing.

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Here’s a Lilou Macé interview with Australian Robert Young. Around the 12-13 minute mark he starts to speak of this world without rules and limitations that matches the last dream really well.

Connecting with Animals

August 12, 2014

Day 57

The other day I heated some left overs for lunch. It was teriyaki chicken with rice and vegetables. I seemed to be particularly well tuned in that day because as I put the first piece of chicken in my mouth I felt incredible sadness.

Not sadness for the chicken but sadness FROM the chicken. Whoa! That is weird.

Maybe sadness it was about to die or maybe sadness about it’s whole pre-determined life. I couldn’t tell which but, it was so strong I had to spit it out. Rice and vegetables for lunch!

Many channellers, and even Mercredan several times, have talked about our connection with animals growing as we evolve. We will be more like Dr Doolittle understanding their thoughts and emotions.

Also that our appetite will shrink to at least half because we will receive our nutrition from the light via the Pineal Gland. A bit like this Indian Yogi who doesn’t eat.

Once we get to that true “Self Love” stage, I doubt we’ll be eating any junk food either.

I said to my son, if this sort of thing keeps happening as we evolve, I’m going to have to go vegetarian.

He answered with a “Nooooooooooo!”

I told him not to worry, I would continue serving the family meat for as long as they wanted it.

It was an obscure experience. I guess we’ll see if it pops up again…

The Perfect Concert

August 11, 2014

Day 56

Interesting 24 hours. Woke up yesterday bloated out like a sausage. Had no breakfast, a small lunch and an apple about 4pm. That was all I felt like. Lots of lying around and slow walking like an old lady. I guess the insides just needed a break.

Since the money has been flowing better I’ve been buying loads of rubbish food and rich food for me and the boys that we weren’t able to afford before and I think I overloaded my organs. Poor things. Sorry, guys!

I was heading in to the Jonas Kaufmann concert to try and get a ticket but was worried if I didn’t eat anything I might faint while waiting in line and then would miss out on the concert altogether.

Just couldn’t eat anything so, stocked up on water and went in to the Opera House anyway.

There was no queue and I easily got a prime seat. Front row of a box. Must have been subscribers who cancelled because these tickets are rarely available. It was damn expensive – not very sensible I know – but felt like the right thing to do.

I ended up sitting next to a fascinating guy casually dressed, big muscles, beard and sneakers. He simply adored classical music and was very knowledgeable. It felt awesome sitting next to another person who involuntarily twitches, conducts, breathes into the dramatic bits and soars like I do to music that moves me.

Jonas was superb and the audience loved him. He started very concentrated and “accurate” but then softened into the emotion of the songs as the concert went along. Still didn’t look completely at ease when he was not singing – maybe something is going on there – but the concert and the orchestra was a huge success. There were 4 encores and standing ovations that went forever.

I know I didn’t get the discount or free ticket I’d hoped for but, as Law of Attraction frequently works, it will probably give me this for the next show. I know it’s on the way.

Was going to wait outside for an autograph but was feeling so awful by then, I figured I’d be better to just get home to bed.

The roller blind in my room is broken. The Handiman was asked to fix it in February but still hasn’t arrived. The blind is clipped to the frame bars of my window across the lower part so people on the street can’t see in. Only problem is the top part is fully exposed so all heat escapes on Winter nights leaving me sleeping with a dressing gown around my head.

Tonight was worth a broken blind though. I awoke to find my room was filled with light and as I raised myself up to see out above the blind I could see the most brilliant Super Moon the Astrologists had been talking about shining bold and full like a stage spotlight. So stunning!

I fell back to sleep very quickly with a smile on my face. What more could I have wanted today? Everything was exactly as it was meant to be.

Raining money

August 8, 2014

Day 53

Two days till the biggest Super moon of the year. The “opening of the season”, astrologically speaking.

A chance within the next few weeks to find one’s life purpose and set off in that direction.

The focus on the present seems to come and go right now. Some times I am perfectly focussed and can only see the thing in front of me I am holding or the things I am passing while walking on the street as Mercredan taught me about “walking meditation”.

Other times I’m still scattered or caught up in old stories.

I need to remind myself there is no set past history. My memories of it are one perspective and not reliable. History can even change.

There is no judgement of the future. Now is the only moment I am living and is perfect in every sense.

“Perfect whole and complete” as Louise Hay would say.

This week I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in the sun then coming in and writing my script for my first Placebo training course. Feels good though it’s odd writing so little. When I wrote my book I was doing about 6,000 words a day. Now I might only do about 1,500.

Just been to the bank to deposit cash from a coaching client. This is the biggest amount of cash I’ve held for some years. How delightful!

Usually money gets EFT deposited into your account, then EFT paid back out again on your card at the shops, paying creditors or credit cards. It is very unusual to be paid in cash.

Last night I lay each boy on the bed and rained the money over them, then got them to do it to me. So much fun!

This was the only fantasy I could associate with money.

Usually when you fantasise about having lots of money you can only identify the material objects you attain or the experiences you can afford. But money is only one way they can come about so they are not specifically fantasies about money.

Raining money is the only thing I could match to only money. Just like what Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson did in Indecent Proposal. Such fun.

It’s now in the bank and I can make use of it. I won’t spend it and leave it out of my business accounts for I know all secrets will be revealed so cheating is completely out for me now. All dosh goes through the books.

Head feels a little heavy or slow today after a restless night.

No new business opportunities recognised this week. If only the appropriate opportunities are coming to me, as Mercredan says, then I guess I just have to trust it’s in the pipeline.

Am I to just do regular corporate training/coaching until my project becomes clear?

Who knows? I get the impression I need to just keep my attention on what comes up and see what emerges.

Same with my individual clients in the pipeline. Each will book and pay when their time is right and I will always be cared for throughout the journey.

I want to see Jonas Kaufmann this Sunday night at the opera house. It’s the first time he is visiting Australia. I’ve asked the Universe for a discounted or free ticket. Will head along there an hour early and see what is offered because I can see online it’s almost completely sold out. I’m really looking forward to it!


Dream reading

August 6, 2014

Day 51

Such a busy night last night I’m surprised I got any sleep at all.

Many dreams over the past few weeks about locks on doors and gates. Some of them immovable and I have to ask for help from someone else. They break the lock so I can get through and then the gate is forever open. Others, like last night, is me running into my house (myself) trying to lock the doors and cover the windows but finding the locks don’t lock and as I pull curtains closed they disappear leaving a bare window with the light shining through.

I see this as unable to escape from parts of myself I am running from. If the doors are unlocked I must allow them in. No point fighting anymore.

What I am running from may vary. Other times I’m not running, I just don’t like where I am and want to get back to where I was before but, as I pick my way through fences, streets and properties to get out, I find I am in a totally different place anyway.

Makes sense when you think about our personal evolution. We want to be safe back in the old life but once we start to evolve and move forward there is no way back. As we learn to accept our new life we see we are much better off anyway.

What else happened last night for me?

A dream of having a threesome with a male/female couple of friends I know. Very real, detailed and hot! haha

Also waking in the dark to find all sorts of swirling energy around the back of my torso from butt to shoulders. Another upgrade perhaps? I am certainly feeling very calm and focussed today.

The previous days of confusion and a busy mind don’t seem to be a problem today.

I am clear on what I am to work on today and who I need to follow up. No stress. No worries or doubts.

Feels good!


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